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Bogner Alchemist Mods
by rforrest on 2009-03-23 11:10:37

I recently purchased a Bogner Alchemist Head and 2x12 cabinet. I am extremely pleased with the quality, craftsmanship and sound of this product. 

I was wondering if there is any mods that can be done by your shop. I would like to have the “clean/crunch” and the “Punch" switch located on the footswitch. This mod would allow complete control of the amplifier. If this can be done please let me know. Also is there a Bogner 4x12 cab available for the Alchemist?

Re: Bogner Alchemist Mods
by AParedes on 2009-03-24 16:36:38


  There are no mods for the Alchemist at this time.  The cabinet available for the Alchemist is the 2x12.  Here is a link:

Re: Bogner Alchemist Mods
by rforrest on 2009-03-25 21:13:55


Thanks for the info. I didn't think the amp would be able to be modded. I do wish this would have been thought of more during the design phase of the amp. This is the only feature that the amp lacks in my opinion. I know that Mr. Bogner wanted to keep cost down on the amp, but would that feature have cost all that much to implement? I think the amp would have still been in a reasonable price and comparable to other amps on the market today. This is still a great product and anyone looking for great sounding ammp should go check one of these out.

Does anyone have any pictures of the inside of the Alchemist?

Re: Bogner Alchemist Mods
by OneFingerSnap on 2009-08-16 14:52:40

rforrest: I'm with you 1000%! I would happily trade the whole effects section of the Alchemist (including the delay and reverb footswitches, of course) for those same options you mention. If someone come up witha mod to allow this, please post it here for everyone.


Re: Bogner Alchemist Mods
by Mattattline6 on 2013-04-07 14:29:49

I have a solution look at:">">

Die Clean/Crunch – Mod     Step by Step 

you need to know german and to sign the Board to viev the pictures

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