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Using a the UX2 with Garageband on a new Macbook Pro
by Simon_Trussler on 2009-03-24 03:25:15

Last week, I bought a Line 6 UX2 .  I wanted something to plug in instruments, including an electric guitar, into Garageband on my my new mac laptop (a new spec Macbook Pro).  I'm new to using Macs, and am struggling to hook the whole thing up.

Specifically, I can't get Garageband to find the UX2/Podfarm.  Could you advise me on how to set this thing up as it doesn't come with any instructions?  I'd be grateful if someone could give me a few step by step pointers of how to make it work.

What I have done:

- installed Podfarm onto the Mac

- plugged the UX2 into the laptop

- plugged in a guitar

- Podfarm recognises the guitar no problem so there is no issue w connection.  And when I put headphones into the UX2, it works fine.  I can hear the guitar nicely, change settings etc.  Not too different to having a Pod but in the computer.  Just what I was hoping.

- however, when I am in Garageband I haven't got a clue of how to get Garageband to find an output from Podfarm (which I would want to record guitar) or directly from the UX2 (which I would want to record vocals, mic'd up instruments, or DI'd instruments straight into Garageband).  Could you help advise on how I can make this work?  As I say, I would be most grateful for some simple step by step tips!  Assume I know nothing and you're pretty close!

Many thanks

Simon Trussler

Re: Using a the UX2 with Garageband on a new Macbook Pro
by AndyParedes on 2009-03-24 15:03:06

Most recording applications need to know "where" to look for the signal, so be sure that your Garageband track is assigned to the UX2, and that you have the appropriate input selected in Gearbox.  Beyond that, you should take a look at the Garageband documentation or see if they can help you at the "genius bar".


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Re: Using a the UX2 with Garageband on a new Macbook Pro
by simmo0916 on 2009-04-06 06:16:33

You need to go into garageband preferences, found in the top bar menu. From there click the MIDI tab, and under "input" select the UX2. (i also assign the sound output to a UX2 which is hooked up to a pair of monitors, which is extremely useful)

From there, create a new track in garageband, and if you are using a guitar then just leave the Stereo 1/2 option as is. If you are using the XLR mic input, you will need to select the Stereo 3/4.

Hope that solves the problem! If it doesnt i would be happy to post screenshots to help you find what you need.

Line 6 kit and garageband is such an efficient way to record quickly and easily. Enjoy!


Re: Using a the UX2 with Garageband on a new Macbook Pro
by msolinc on 2009-08-31 10:05:01


I have a similar issue with a UX1, i'm have issues regarding simultaneous recording of Mic and Instrument inputs on the UX1 and Garageband. I'm close in that I have both input's working in Pod Farm (dual input setup and can see levels (mic/instrument)). When I go to GarageBand I can't get both input's to record simultaneously. Only work around I've discovered is by going to the system preferences and the Line 6 audio/midi device setup, I can select Instrument (which sets both 1-2 and 3-4 to instruments) and i get the guitar input fine in garageband. I can then select Mic 1 (which sets both 1-2 and 3-4 to Mic) and I can then record/monitor the microphone. But when I select Inst. & Mic1 in the input section I only get the Instrument input working. I have the guitar set to input 1/2 and the mic 3/4 in garageband.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Running Snow Leopard, iMac, GarageBand 09', Pod Farm 1.0, Driver 4.2.4.

Ronnie Wright

Re: Using a the UX2 with Garageband on a new Macbook Pro
by jignatuk on 2009-10-06 20:43:12

I'm sorry but that doesn't answer the question.  I have done that (set the garageband preferences to use the UX1 usb as audio input/output.  It still does not get anything from podfarm.  I get no tone in garageband, though I can hear it just fine through Pod Farm.  Any other ideas?

Re: Using a the UX2 with Garageband on a new Macbook Pro
by WickedFingers on 2012-07-02 21:33:29

I have done everything you have told me by I'm still getting no signal from my microphone. Im using an AKG Perception 120 condenser studio microphone with my UX2. I am using garageband on my iMac. I have phantom power turned on, but I'm still getting no sound.

Re: Using a the UX2 with Garageband on a new Macbook Pro
by GHOSTDRIVER on 2012-11-09 06:23:31

Dont know if you got sorted with your issue but I had similar problem as have since solved it somewhat.

I understand you have no mic sound or signal when using Garageband with UX2, have you opened POD farm and in the drop dowm box selected Mic 1 or MIc 2 etc...other than instrument.

I found that even though I was wanting to use Garageband presets I still had to make sure the POD farm 'Mic 1' was selected to obtain signal and subsequently sound.

Hope that helps

Rock on !

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