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Line 6 Monkey 1.32 error with Vista still.....
by abilly73 on 2010-02-24 11:20:09

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Ok it has been about three weeks since I asked this and I was told that the 1.32 version of Monkey would fix it.  It doesn't.  I am starting a fresh thread with this problem because about 270 people have viewed it and ran away in fear of the question, haha. I have windows vista 32 bit, disabled firewall, parent controls, virus software, pop up blockers, etc.  disconnected all usb items, have never installed anything by logitech.  i attached screen shots of the problem.  it sees the fbv but does not list any updates for it, i believe becasue it still can not connect to a server. it is not the fbv or spider. i tried the same procedure on my xp professional 32bit pc at work and it works fine, i just do not want to have to lug my equipment to work all the time. can not update it manually becasue as the screen shot shows there is no button active to do so.   please can someone help on this.........

Re: Line 6 Monkey 1.32 error with Vista still.....
by abilly73 on 2010-02-25 19:41:12

thank you a milliomn please see link for answer

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