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Pod X3 Live Performance On Hi-Fi Systems.
by Atacantr on 2010-02-25 05:56:35

Hi all.  I have some questions about Pod X3 Live's performance on hi-fi setups. I want to show my rig. These are not my system's photos but I have the same setup.  It's About Technics SA-AX 710 AV Control Stereo Receiver , Technics SH-GE 90 Digital Sound Processor (EQ) , And JAMO BX 200A Made in Denmark 350 Watt Cabinets.  Does Pod X3 Live work well on these kind of setups ? I have to make a decision btw Pod X3 Live and Zoom G9.2tt .  They both sound good but I want to get Pod X3 Live. So I need your help. I don't want to get flat response speakers. I want to use my own system. Thank you. Photos are :

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Re: Pod X3 Live Performance On Hi-Fi Systems.
by kristianbrigman on 2010-02-25 06:13:26

The best hi-fi setups _are_ flat response. So what exactly is the question?

I used to play mine through my hi-fi (some yammy consumer amp through a pair of Paradigm Monitor 7s) at home. Sounded great. Right now, I'm mostly playing it through a hafler G300 + avatar SB112 bass cab, which is full range but not anywhere close to flat, and that still sounds pretty good, even playing my variax acoustic patch. You should be fine, as long as you watch the volume... instrument speakers, even full range ones, are usually designed to take the abuse that an instrument can throw at it (unplug your guitar without shutting down the PA.... what was that REALLY LOUD boom? oh yeah, that's the end of the bare cable hitting my skin...) Never blown one up myself but I never turned my volume up that loud either, so even stuff like that wasn't dangerous. Can't tell you what your exact setup will sound like, but it should sound fine.

Re: Pod X3 Live Performance On Hi-Fi Systems.
by Atacantr on 2010-02-25 06:19:09

Thank you for quick reply.  The exact question is how does it sound on my exact system/cabs.  I know flat response speakers,active monitors are the best option but I just want to use Jamo BX 200A cabs.  Also From where I have to plug Pod , Am I going to plug it on Phones jack out on the Amplifier ?

Re: Pod X3 Live Performance On Hi-Fi Systems.
by kristianbrigman on 2010-02-25 06:58:59

Oh, I see what you are getting at. I can't tell you exactly what it will sound like, but I can tell you that a system like that is perfect for the POD. This kind of systems works a lot better than something like a guitar amp, because it's what the POD was designed for. What you record should sound pretty close to what's coming out of the speakers too. I'd probably ditch the EQ (DSP box) though unless there's some good reason to use it.

As for how you plug it in... assuming you are going to run it in stereo, best way to do it is to use the X3L's live outputs. These are 1/4", but you can get cables fairly cheaply which have 1/4" on one end, and RCA on the other. Mine were the wrong way (receiver was RCA female, and cable was 1/4" male to RCA female), but at that point any standard component cable will work (which is usually RCA male on each end). Plug them into any input on your receiver (I have mine plugged into the V-Aux on mine, since it seems like the right place, but it doesn't really matter), and just pick that input. Dunno that technics model, but if it has a coaxial digital input (also looks like an RCA connector) then you can go digital as well. Mine says 'CD' but it doesn't matter, i just pick CD and I'm playing the POD. On my Yamaha, it seems like I get more volume out of the live outs than the SPDIF, so I am running the live outs - but you can always just use the volume control on the receiver to turn it up. One of my kids broke off the knob on mine, so I have to use the remote, and I'm too lazy to do that sometimes.

If you are used to listening to music through this setup, keep in mind that a guitar or voice by itself is not going to be as loud as a final mixed song playing through the same speakers at the same volume setting. But that setup looks like it should be plenty loud, even if you plan on playing out with it.

Re: Pod X3 Live Performance On Hi-Fi Systems.
by TheRealZap on 2010-02-25 07:48:29

i hate to be contradictory to the other list members... but your question asks for opinions...

and i can not think of any worse setup...

you would basically be doubling the pre-amps, and in my experience a setup like this (actually any hi-fi setup)

will clip like crazy, likely trash your speakers or your speakers and amp...

my experiences of course are not isolated to the pod, or any other line6 products... but attempting to play guitar or other instruments through a home stereo system in general...

many will disagree... thus is the nature of opinions...

but i felt that the overwhelmingly positive feedback you are getting might be misleading...

its been a few years since i've looked at any specific specs... but technics used to over-rate their wattage and typically had a high THD...

which would tend to blow speakers if you are really trying to drive them...

my opinion may not be shared by others...

my advice... get a basic amp or something.. a tech21 powerengine 60 for instance would be priced decently and offer safer/better sound.

Re: Pod X3 Live Performance On Hi-Fi Systems.
by Atacantr on 2010-02-25 09:50:12

I thought my Technics Receiver was going to act as a Poweramp,not preamp. I don't have enough budget to get an amp and pod at the same time. I can easily buy a second hand Fender Blues Junior type Tube amp but I cannot play at high volume due to flat conditions. I live in a flat as you know. Hi-Fi systems sound excellent even in low volume. That's why I am willing to get Pod X3 Live.

There's one another way that I can try.  I can connect Pod X3 to my pc via usb, and use my Technics system as a Pc Speaker.  I use it all the time as a pc speaker and it sounds great. This is one of the best hi-fi systems I have ever tried. I have too much respect to Technics and Jamo speakers.

So we have to eliminate Tech 21 PA  and active-flat response speaker/monitor options. Just about 2 ways ;

1. Pod X3 Live through the Technics AV-Stereo Receiver

2. Pod X3 Live through the Laptop via USB and Technics system used as pc speaker.  For this I need a good quality sound card I guess. I will get it this month but cannot afford at the same time because I'm also getting a new laptop which costs 1000 Usd. I'm really stucked due to lack of budget.

Also ; Pod X3 Live costs 500 Euro in Turkey and Zoom costs 420 Eur.  All the musical equipments are really expensive. These are cash prices. If you try to get them with a credit card, the price becomes way too expensive..  for example Zoom G9.2tt costs 300 USD in US. You can get 2 Zoom processors with Turkey price in US : )   Now you see  why I'm trying to give the best decision and searching too much for it.

Re: Pod X3 Live Performance On Hi-Fi Systems.
by Leftzilla on 2010-02-25 11:33:32

I understand your worries and your current situation but I think the technics system should work okay.  I have played my X3 through powered Monitors, a Sony surround sound system, headphones and direct through a PA and it has sounded excellent through all.   Your second option via your PC would work but would depend on how good your PC speakers are.  Zap brings up some good points but I do not think the technics would color the sound to much if at all since it is meant to amplify CD, Mp3 tapes etc.  I would keep any eq on the system flat at first and and adjust to taste.

Re: Pod X3 Live Performance On Hi-Fi Systems.
by tbrisson on 2010-02-25 11:46:43

My quick thoughts here:

You could run the X3L out through the headphone output of the X3L into the Aux input of your receiver using any stereo 1/4" -> RCA cable.  This way you can use the mp3/CD input on the X3L to play along with your favorite songs through your receiver. This seems to be the simplest way to me, and it should sound fine.

The best option is to run the XLR outputs of the X3L into your amp, as these are the outputs that are designed to feed a full-range power amp. This would mean getting a cable together that goes L and R XLR -> stereo RCA.

Another option is the digital optical S/PDIF output of the X3L.  Many receivers have this input as well, it uses a coaxial RCA cable.  I have never used mine, maybe others can help.

However, the headphone out should get you up and playing!

Re: Pod X3 Live Performance On Hi-Fi Systems.
by kristianbrigman on 2010-02-25 12:29:29

You DO NOT need a separate soundcard; the pod X3 live acts as a very decent ASIO soundcard, and will work to play your itunes or whatever just as well. That actually doesn't address any of zap's points at all. Two things.... first, I don't think this has anything to do with the difference between the POD or the zoom. I think they are both designed for recording, they both like full-range speakers, any differences are really questions of taste (I've never heard the zoom, I do think the pod isn't quite like a real tube amp, having compared it with my old H&K Cream Machine/Crunch Master I had to sell to get the X3 and miss very much)... So whether this works or not, won't really help you make that decision.

Second... hi-fi speakers are not generally as PHYSICALLY sturdy as your average instrument speaker. This is just a design decision - you can make very flat, very sturdy PA speakers, but it costs more, and when you're playing CDs, that's a much more controlled environment. All that really means is, if you're going to run the amp loud, you have to watch your volume everywhere. You don't want to do something like have the volume sky-high while playing super clean, quiet plucked single notes, and then go straight into Mesa Boogie heavy distortion power chords. This isn't just a PA - try it with headphones on and the volume up, you will probably go deaf!  Though you probably won't damage the headphones...A lot of what Zap talks about isn't really possible with the X3 anyways... it's more like a cd player output than a traditional guitar preamp. Though I also used to play guitar through the Blues Master into a mixer and straight into a pair of Event 20/20bas studio monitors without any issues. (and i was (am) a horrible guitar player).. If you go digital, you are even less at risk here; you do lose volume control at the pod (pod digital output is always full volume & best fidelity) but you do have an amp volume control.

It will sound great, as good as the POD is going to get. Extra benefit, when you play back the recording, it will sound exactly like what you played. You don't have to deal with microphones, different monitoring setups, etc. I wouldn't play gigs with a hi-fi like that, you're going to get a cone kicked in by a drunken partygoer or something, but for at home it will work great.

Re: Pod X3 Live Performance On Hi-Fi Systems.
by Atacantr on 2010-02-25 15:28:49

Thank you too much for detailed information.

Leftzilla I said I use my Technics system with my computer also. I connect it to my pc from Aux or it depends on which slots I choose , it doesn't matter. This means I use Jamo BX 200A Cabs for pc.  If I connect pod to my laptop via usb, I hear the sound from my Technics system's Jamo cabs. I dunno is it same thing that pod directly into the Technics or pod directly into the laptop. Because both choosements use same spekers.

My amplifier does not have any digital out. You can see the outputs on my first message. I have put the back side photo of my amplifier there.

And the most important thing is, Finally what you say about my system ? Does it work enough satisfying for home or sound like a crap ? If you say MultiFX units suck at hi-fi systems, if you don't have a flat response speakers, don't buy it, I have to think twice before getting pod. If I get a tube amp again, I have to use it in low volumes. They still sound great at low volumes but I don't want to pay for a product that I can't use it with %100 performance. I used to have a tube amp which was a clone of Mesa boogie. It sounded great and just about 2 Watts with 3 valves( 1 preamp 2 poweramp ) but I couldn't open up volume too much. It was about 10 volume pot and I used it maximum at 2/10. 15 Watt amplifier sound same at 2/10 I think. I can't break the valves to get crunch sounds. However I hate crunch tones. I just use cleanest clean and pure distortion. I like to use clean channel of my amplifier while using processor. But it costs too much. You pay too much to tube amp and you have to get few analog pedals. MultiFX is all in one and I really like the sound of Pod X3 Live. For me , totally better than Boss GT-10..  I can't say any exact opinion about Zoom G9.2tt vs Pod X3 Live ? I have no idea about which one is better. They both look good and have adv/disadv between each other but I dunno why, I feel myself close to pod x3 live.

There's Pod X3  ( Not Live ) for sale about 280 Eur.   The bean model. 2nd hand and it still has warranty. Cosmeticly looks like a new product but I need a wah/footswitch again and it comes close to 500 Eur again:)

Also, any ideas about zoom g series?

Re: Pod X3 Live Performance On Hi-Fi Systems.
by Atacantr on 2010-03-01 05:35:49

Finally I just bought new Pod X3 Live today. I have tried it a little , tried default presets. That didn't give any idea about it but I just watched extremevideopro's and alexmachado's videos on Youtube and saw how it performs well after trying custom tones. I'm gonna use it with L/R Mono connected to Technics Av-Stereo Receiver poweramp. Thank you all for your advices. I'm now a new member of Pod X3 Family

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