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Lowdown 110 fizzing as note dies away.
by GOD3HEAD on 2010-03-11 09:16:30

Hi Guys. Have a problem with my LD110 bass combo and don't know if it's due to the amp or to me. When set to Clean mode, any note that I play starts off nice and clean but fades away to an almost robotic-sounding fizz. I plugged in headphones and it remains. Do you think the pre-amp is dodgy, or is there some adjustment to the settings that I could try before sending it off for repair?  Thanks!!

RE: Lowdown 110 fizzing as note dies away.
by AndyParedes on 2010-03-12 10:12:01


I would start with a factory reset. see the following links for more amp trouble shooting info:

Lowdown 110 and LD15 F.A.Q.s

Amp Troubleshooting

Re: RE: Lowdown 110 fizzing as note dies away.
by GOD3HEAD on 2010-03-13 09:28:25

Hi Andy.

Thanks for the quick reply but I'm afraid the Factory Reset didn't make any difference. It's hard to describe the problem sound but it's a bit like phasing plus white noise and it isn't too noticeable when the note is fresh and loud, but as the note dies away it becomes a gurgling/fizzing sound which also appears if I turn up the volume without any instrument or cable attached. I'm sure that nothing's worn out because it's only been powered on for less than 5 hours since I bought it new 2 years ago.  Do you think I should send it to the local repair centre? Thanks again.

Re: RE: Lowdown 110 fizzing as note dies away.
by GOD3HEAD on 2010-03-15 04:09:04

Just had another go with the amp and I'm now pretty sure that the robotic/phasing/whitenoise sound might be something "leaking" (if that's possible!) from the Synthesiser circuit. It's definitely more obvious when using the Clean channel. Hope this helps a bit. Cheers.

Re: Lowdown 110 fizzing as note dies away.
by Mem_Jo on 2010-03-15 20:02:11

It's not you Godhead, it's the amp.

The problem that you have is typical of poorly made modelling amps made in China to a fixed cost. I was considering a Lowdown 110 until I remembered all the problems that I have seen / experienced with Line 6 gear in the past... and even experienced with the first generation of Fender CyberTwins (that I unfortunately owned at one time). Even Bass Guitar Magazine made a comment about the LowDown 110 headphone output being unuseable due to a great deal of noise in the circuit. You should just buy a basic no frills quality combo like an Eden EN12.

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