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Reason Adapted code already in use.
by jaytmek on 2010-03-17 11:35:54

Hi there,

I just bought a new Pod Studio UX2. When I tried to install reason adapted it said the code I had was already in use. I e-mailled Propellerhead who got back to me today and said its a problem Line6 is aware of, and you will be able to help me.

Please let me know what you need in order to send me a working registration code.



RE: Reason Adapted code already in use.
by Kneehow on 2010-03-18 15:36:30


We've created a support ticket for you so we can resolve this issue offline. Please respond to the ticket. Thank you...

A support ticket allows you to directly correspond with a Line 6 Support Representative. An email will be sent to you from Line 6 containing a link if a Line 6 support representative determines that a ticket is necessary to troubleshoot your issue. Please follow the link in the email to view your open ticket to work one on one with Line 6 Support.

Please note: Sometimes support tickets will be filtered to spam and junk folders. If you did not receive an email from us indicating that a ticket has been created, please make sure to check those folders in your email host.

What is a Support Ticket?



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