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Pod x3 live tap button broken
by xudakai on 2009-03-31 21:22:46.4940

It doesn't click anymore and is unresponsive... i've only had it for 1 year and used the tap normally... this is pretty disappointing

Is there anyway to fix this? It still pops up, but upon depressing, no click registers, like with the other buttons.

Re: Pod x3 live tap button broken
by xudakai on 2009-03-31 21:49:04.2940

Hrm saw some more responses on the forum.

Serial #: 21X3L1S5739017695 bought and registered in December of 2007, seems to be before the 5749 improved footswitch design.

The other post was yesterday, seems like these foot switches are only lasting around a year?

Bothersome that I have a gig in a few days. Going to rush to a repair center....

Can anyone confirm the serial number thing?

"Another victim of bad switches,like myself.10 min.ago i answered to similar thread,so here goes copy paste:

There is a test for the buttons, hold the right arrow key while powering the unit on, use the down arrow select the Buttons and press the Inputs button, now as you press the buttons the 00 will change to 10 when you press the button down and then to 11 when you let it go, go through all the buttons to finish the test, this will quickly tell you if the problem is a hardware failure. If it is, you'll have to get it to a service center. If the X3L is new you might see if you can exchange it for a new replacement where you purchased it. If it is a switch failure you should be aware that there was a change in production to improve the switch design, you can tell by the serial number if you got the old or new design, here's the info on that: Serial numbers starting at 5749, i.e. (21) X3L1S 5749 XXXXXX, are the updated ones. I don’t know if this info has been confirmed but it seems to be accurate. Oh, and don't open it up, you'll void the warranty, and the switches are warranted for life for this kind of failure."

Re: Pod x3 live tap button broken
by Pauklin on 2009-03-31 22:06:43.2710

Good morning,it's me again.You find yesterdays post already,so no copy paste today.

The  serial number thing is correct.My unit(also with old switches nov.2007)worked also about a year and then buttons B and D broke.I send it for repair,it took a 2 month,but now its back and everything works.Switches have lifetime warranty.Good luck.

Re: Pod x3 live tap button broken
by AParedes on 2009-04-02 10:20:41.2650


  Yes, your unit needs to go to your nearest repair for a warranty fix.  Please see the following link for more information:

Product Repair


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Re: Pod x3 live tap button broken
by xudakai on 2009-04-02 16:54:58.0180

Hi Line6Andy,

Thanks for your response. Can you point me to some document that confirms that switches have a lifetime warranty? I'm pretty surprised that the switches of all things would fail after one year, it has lowered my confidence in buying Line6 products. The repair center I went to (listed in the link above) called Line6 and asked for the warranty policy, and Line6 responded saying 1 year, which has past for me.

Also can you confirm whether or not the serial # information is correct?


Re: Pod x3 live tap button broken
by Line6Hugo on 2009-04-03 09:16:03.2670


There is no public document we can show to prove to you that they are covered, but when you take the X3 Live to them, tell them to go over Technical Bulletin #44 for the X3 Live footswitch light pipe replacement in the service manual. These tech bulletin repairs are considered warranty repairs even after 1 year.



Re: Pod x3 live tap button broken
by Diatonic on 2009-04-03 11:13:29.4630

This is the kind of response that makes Line 6 look bad. #1,Why does the customer have to tell the authorized repair center to look at a tech bulletin after the repair center has already talked to Line 6? #2, With no public document describing the warranty for the  light pipe problem, how much warranty is actually there, for what units and for how long? How ever long Line 6 feels like I guess. Not very confidence inspiring.

Re: Pod x3 live tap button broken
by TheRealZap on 2009-04-03 11:24:15.0390

dude... be fair... they acknowledged the problem and offered to deal with it for free... AFTER the warranty... they didn't have to do that... give them some credit... obviously if this was the last tech bulletin ever... then there are still 43 others... and i doubt it was the last one... maybe one of 50 (i have no f'in clue honestly)... not every employee at line 6 can recite every tech bulletin... and it's not exactly something they need to print on the box... the "lifetime" warranty on the fix is somewhat irrelevant as after you use it once you have the upgraded components and should not require additional fixes...

quit being ungrateful, go get your x3 fixed, and lastly rock out, jazz out, blues out, or whatever kind of out floats your boat.

Re: Pod x3 live tap button broken
by Diatonic on 2009-04-03 12:13:42.1590

Zap, Do you really think not acknowledging the switch problem was a viable option for Line 6? It would be hard to believe any employee of line 6 ,especially in the service dept, is not aware of the warranty for light tubes no matter how many service bulletins they have.

Re: Pod x3 live tap button broken
by TheRealZap on 2009-04-03 12:26:03.3310

the x3 is not the only product they have... they probably have 150 service bulletins on their older stuff... anyway the point is that here you have a favorable answer to this issue and its apparently not good enough for you... i doubt the viability of acknowledging the issue was even a factor... it was simply the right thing to do... and they did it...

the fact that you want to be mr glass half empty is just silly.

Re: Pod x3 live tap button broken
by Diatonic on 2009-04-03 14:15:05.6130

That really has nothing to do with what I said. The customer shouldn't have to inform the service provider of warranty information and the warranty should be spelled out in black and white to avoid misunderstandings. This is pretty basic policy for good business. If this opinion makes me "Mr. glass half full" so be it.

Re: Pod x3 live tap button broken
by Brion_Kean on 2009-04-03 15:51:50.9500

Tell them to repair / reinforce ALL 12 lightpipes when you go. Mine is around the same age, bought it in Dec.2007 also, and had exactly the same issue. Bad news is, it took a couple of weeks... But, the tap/tuner went first, then the D bank button. I asked them to pre-emptively repair all 12 footswitches, which involved getting 12 of the redesigned lightpipes shipped from L6. By now, that turn-around time *may* be faster, I don't know. But, I can say, that after the repairs were done, back in March 2008, I have had no problems since then.

Good Luck!

Re: Pod x3 live tap button broken
by urchinvp on 2009-04-08 17:16:37.6620


even though i only bought my X3L new 4 months ago and it's not showing a footswitch fault as yet, I have a serial #5743 is this likely to happen and can/should i get the repairs done anyway as i don't fancy this happening during a gig?

Also, any news the USB drop out issue? (only joking zap!!!)

Re: Pod x3 live tap button broken
by webstersp on 2010-04-11 10:58:50.3810

I had this answer from another thread.

Re: want to buy pod x3 live, is the USB audio dropouts gone!?

This problem has been resolved.  The fix was integrated into the production of newer units some time ago.  The challenge is that many dealers will still be selling older  inventory, so it's not guaranteed that a newly purchased unit will have  the fix.

Unofficially,   the fix was integrated into factory pruduction as serial number   21X3LxS59xxx... If you purchase one earlier than that it may have the  problem; later ones won't. But in any case the problem is fixable under a  lifetime warranty; other than the hassle of getting it fixed for free,  you definitely won't have to suffer with the problem.

Re: Pod x3 live tap button broken
by GregEllington on 2010-10-11 13:53:31.6490

I also have a bad switch causing my display to jump back and forth between patch and manual settings.It's the down scroll switch.

Re: Pod x3 live tap button broken
by GregEllington on 2010-10-11 13:57:07.7520

It did happen to me the other night! What a pain in the A$$!!! My display screen  is flashing back and forth too.I have an xt live, wonder if I could load my x3 live tones into it????

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