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Line 6 AX2 212
by JLesPaul59 on 2010-06-02 07:25:24

There is NO option for questions regarding my AX2 212 so I have to send it this way and ask that it be routed to the correct technicians. 

     I want to use both of my AX2 2x12 speakers on my AX2 212 along with all four speakers on my marshall 4x12 cab.  How would I go about this without distorting the sound from either set of speakers.  I understand I can use the headphone out and still have it use the Line 6 speakers, but there would be no way of connectiong to my cab (other then using the headphone cable directly into my Marshall).  I DO NOT want to "darken" the sound of either set of speakers!!!  Is there a mono on my AX2 212 for one cable (one that is already on the back of the amp) and then the second cable running to my 4x12?  If so, what impedence would I use on the AX2 and the Marshall 4x12?  Is there the option of running both in mono and if so would I be utilizing all 6 speakers...furthermore, would the two combined speaker "sets" then run in a stereo mode? 

     Now, for my own personal note regarding this amp...Line 6 nor anyone else has EVER made an amp as good as this one.  There is currently NO amp in the current Line 6 "arsenal' that I would trade for my AX2 212.  I wish you guys still made them like this; quality is second to none...period!!!  Thanks.

Jesse Huerta Jr

RE: Line 6 AX2 212
by AndyParedes on 2010-06-03 14:31:21


There is no supported way to do this. You would need to change the speaker of the AX2 to 16 ohms, then rewire/re-speaker the cabinet to 16 ohms for each stereo load to create an 8 ohm load on each side of the AX2 power amp. See the following link for more speaker connection FAQs:

Cabinet Connection and Ohm F.A.Q.

Re: RE: Line 6 AX2 212
by JLesPaul59 on 2010-06-03 17:18:36


     I can't thank you enough for your very thorough answer to my question(s).  I absolutely love my AX2 212 and shutter at the thought of doing something that could have damaged my amp.  The attached link was insightful on many levels.  For the record, I have yet to come across an amp that I love as much as this one.  I guess it is kind of like someone picking up a guitar and immediately knowing it is THE guitar for them...that is what this amp has done for me.  Thanks.


Re: Line 6 AX2 212
by jffshphrd on 2011-09-29 19:16:43

i am totally with you ... i started with an axsys 212, then bought a used ax2 (which now has a bad pot). used it for about 7 yrs. on about 400 - 500 jobs. just found another one in showroom condition (not sure on the eprom - can't remember or find the start up procedure to identify eprom). hopefully will work for me through retirement. bought a spider valve mkii ... took it back after a week. even after updates from "monkey" couldn't get one good sound out of it. tubes? tube guys are always switching amps because every one has it's own sound ... usually good but limited. marshall plexi - good, dual showman head - good. both have to be used with vintage marshall 4x12, though. anyway, why did line 6 go to a tube power amp ... should have used a mccintosh (fidelity) to reproduce their models accurately. love the models but spiders all distort the accuracy. get me a new ax2 line 6.

Re: Line 6 AX2 212
by brix_axgrinder on 2012-03-07 03:08:27

Line 6 is amazing! It is something to believe in...

Enrico Umali

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