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PsicraftTony, are you there?
by Indy on 2009-04-02 08:39:55

It's been a week since I posted my issue on here about Vyzex crashing at startup and I still have not received any repsonse. I'm going to assume that it is because I didn't mark my thread as a question, so I'm marking this one as a question.

Here is the original messages that I posted:


Whenever I try to start Vyzex, it crashes at the splash screen.

I have Visual Studio 2005 installed, and the dialog to debug the crash was behind the splash screen. I opened the crash in the debugger and it appears to be crashing in the CWinApp::_LoadSysPolicies() MFC function (appcore.cpp - line 529).

I have a minidump that I can send to you if you need it. It's over 10MB, so I didn't want to attach it to this message.

This is running under Windows XP.


I just want to get this thing working. From other posts that I've seen, I know that there is an unofficial version that has fixed crashes for other users. Is this something that would help me?



Re: PsicraftTony, are you there?
by slycorp on 2009-04-02 10:41:06

I've juste read the welcoming post of Tony (see at the bottom of topic list) and I think that an update is about to be release very soon.

So, it seems that we juste need to "wait and see"


Re: PsicraftTony, are you there?
by Indy on 2009-04-02 12:34:18

I read that post also. He is talking about adding support for the Floor POD in there, not about crashing issues, but I'm sure the new release will have any other fixes that they've made along the way.

Re: PsicraftTony, are you there?
by PsicraftTony on 2009-04-05 17:51:22

Hi Guys,

It looks like the forum is not set up to email me when someone posts... I will have a look into this today and should be able to return my response time to it's usual speed once I find and set this parameter to 'ON'.

I will contact anyone with crash errors later today via private message so we can arrange for them to get access to an unreleased patch file that should fix the trouble.

Best regards,


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