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G30 battery door
by Misterwinefine on 2010-06-26 09:47:49

The G 30 trasmitter battery door does not stay closed.  The product works great except for this and it a problem when performing it can open up by its own and drop the batterys,   is there a fix for it other than taping it shut?

Re: G30 battery door
by tripp2k on 2010-06-27 08:12:53

Murphy's Law. Rather than taping, you might want to fashion a velcro system so you can quickly get access to the battery compartment.

Re: G30 battery door
by Misterwinefine on 2010-06-27 10:08:24

good idea, and I did that with Velcro and it works fine, however to pay 300 bucks for a flawed design is not what I was expecting from Line 6.  They should come up with a fix for it and take care of the customer.

Thanks for the help!

Re: G30 battery door
by nikmark on 2010-07-01 10:47:10

I agree!...same thing happened to me!

Re: G30 battery door
by Misterwinefine on 2010-07-01 12:57:32

I called Line 6 and they want to send me the same unit without a fix.  I went to Guitar center where I bought it, and they were willing to exchange the unit however when we opened the new box up it had the same problem. 

Line 6 tells me that there  to new and they are not aware of the problem.

Go Figure!

Re: G30 battery door
by nikmark on 2010-07-01 13:22:40

Is the problem only with the G30, or all the Line 6 Relay wireless systems?

Re: G30 battery door
by Misterwinefine on 2010-07-01 13:29:08

Sorry but I am not sure on if they have other issues with the other models.

Re: G30 battery door
by dboomer on 2010-07-01 18:06:53

So we have probably delivered 6-8 thousand G30's world wide and this problem has only been reported a few times.  Battery size does have a 1 mm tolerance (so that can be between 49.5mm and 50.5mm tall).  We've noticed it seems to be an issue only with Duracells as they seem to be a little taller than other AA Alkalines and it can be just enough to cause the problem.

Does the door shut with no batteries installed?  Look at the little knife edge slide that is the actual lock.  If there is any flash on the top (flat/sharp) edge that can be the problem.  A very light touch-up with a fingernail file will fix it.

The best way I have found to close the door once the batteries are in is to put your thumb right on top of the cutout that has the slide in it.  Push straight down in one firm motion.  That should set the slide lock.  Now ... you have to slide over the lever.  It does not automatically snap shut.  That should lock it.

Re: G30 battery door
by Misterwinefine on 2010-07-02 07:59:19

Thank you for the reply, I have tried your suggestion and it did help. As for the batteries I have been using Energizer types and they also caused the same issue. 

I have filed the latch as you suggested and it does seam to hold a bit better.

The long and short of it is that I am happy with the performance of the unit it does a great job.  Very good reception with no issues.

I just believe you could have come up with a better design for the battery door.

I will give this a try if it continues to be an issue I will send it back to Line 6 for a replacement. 

Thank you

Re: G30 battery door + the use of rechargeable batteries
by jan_muylle on 2010-08-10 11:47:48

The battery latch was also the first thing I noticed! I now push the lid straight down with my thumb and and I rarely have to try more than twice. It's a bit of a feel. Although you're correct: it's not a great design. I'm going to try the nailfile.

I must say that I've used rechargeable NiMH batteries from the start because I have lots of appliances on AA batteries (camera, toys for my kid, wii remote...). Imagine the pile of used batteries that you dump every year... Good NiMH batteries (Energizer, Memorex, GP) work in my transmitter for approximately three hours, so I would really recommend them (for the sake of the environment), especially for rehearsals or short gigs.

Re: G30 battery door
by nikmark on 2010-08-10 12:43:05

I upgraded to the G50! Defiantly worth the extra money! No problems at all!!!

Re: G30 battery door
by carrtunes on 2011-05-19 13:04:42

You guys can add me to the list of people that are having issues with the battery door.  I can get mine shut, only to have it pop open in the middle of playing, batteries flying out.  I now keep a rubber band around the door just to keep it closed.  I only mention this because I'm reading posts that Line6 says they are "unaware" or "only a few reports of issues with the door".  There is definitely a design flaw with the battery door.

And, the clip is awful.  I still haven't figured out a good way to carry the unit, as I use different guitars in a gig, I don't want to take the straps off so I can't put it on the strap.

Such a good idea.  Such a poor implementation of the obvious stuff.

I just wish that Line6 would own up, come up with a fix, and make it available.  I'd even fork over a few bucks for a reliable solution.

Re: G30 battery door
by steveh77 on 2011-06-21 10:50:39

Hi I'm Steve Hillage

I recently bought a G30 Radio System.

I've been testing it for the first time today 21st June to use for my Glastonbury performances.

And do you know what?

I put in the batteries SUPPLIED WITH THE UNIT.

And the DOOR WON'T CLOSE!!!!!!! I've been trying to close it for the last 5 minutes - no way will it securely close.

I'm not going to use gaffer tape for god's sake!. The item has gone straight back in the box and Chandlers Guitars who supplied it to me will be hearing about this tomorrow morning.

This is shocking disgraceful naff and rubbish!

How can I possibly use this for a professional purpose?

What is going on here?

Shocking! Outrageous! Unbelievable!



Re: G30 battery door
by dbun on 2011-06-21 17:15:31

Haven't had an issue with my G30 transmitter battery door. I do agree that it is a bit fiddly, but once you get the hang of it, it is not too bad.

I have also noticed that different brand batteries seem to make it easier/harder to use the battery door.

Re: G30 battery door
by Cranio76 on 2011-08-28 15:17:37

It may be a faulty unit, I'm pretty sure it's not a design fault of ALL the units.

I've been using a G30 almost since Line6 released the product in my country (Italy), and never experienced any problem with the battery door.

The unit has undergone about 50 live gigs without a single problem except for the breaking of the belt clip.

Re: G30 battery door
by Doubleneck46 on 2011-11-25 12:27:12

It's time to come clean on this issue. I just bought a G30 AFTER reading many complaints on many online customer reviews PLUS my salesman telling me that he's had complaints about the batteries falling out during performances. But like a fool, I bought one today. Guess what? The battery cover won't even close. I'm not going to play around with this toy and then read about Line 6 denying that the problem even exists. The ONLY solution IMHO is for Line 6 to correctly remanufacture a large batch of the transmitters and offer replacements to EVERYONE, FREE OF CHARGE INCLUDING SHIPPING, who is having a problem. According to you it will only need to be a few hundred, right? Rather than waiting for THAT to happen I thought I might trade mine in for the G50 and the possible punishment of the DROP OUT issue which Line 6 is trying to skirt around as well. As I've read on this user group the fix for that is a recently manufactured unit with the firmware fix. How do I know which serial number that starts at? Once again anybody who is experiencing problems with their G50 should be offered a replacement unit. As long as AMERICAN companies are engaged in the sweat shop for profit mentality their customers should not be expected to be inconvienced IN ANY WAY by being at risk for that companies gamble on profit over quality. Not to mention contributing to the LOSS of American jobs overseas.


Re: G30 battery door
by danhkr on 2011-11-26 03:10:42

I think the G30 battery door is 'tricky'.  You have to close it and then sort of slide the catch to lock it.  It doesn't inspire a lot of confidence, but so far once I've got it closed (which normally takes less than a few seconds), it has never opened on its own.

The clip isn't fantastic either but I've just put a bit of tape under the unit itself and kinda taped the clip to the strap.  This doesn't effect the unit at all, but obvioulsy I have to use the same strap if I change guitars.

Perhaps an alternative clip better suited to straps could be included along with the belt clip, and the battery door could have some sort of sliding lock that slots further into the unit making sure it stays shut and is easily closed.

Re: G30 battery door
by dylantan on 2011-12-26 07:02:59

I am facing the same problem here as well. Got mine just 2 weeks ago. It appears (upon close inspection) that there is no catch at all when the door is in the closed position - just a weak pastic "tongue" sticking underneath the main housing. You guys are right - this design does not inspire confidence at all. What is the use of a good transmitter when the batteries powering it might not stay in place. I use both GP Recyko and Sanyo Eneloop, besides using up the supplied batteries. The door just does not close well on all 3 battery types.

I don't feel I should file that little plastic "tongue". Having to use force to get the door to close means the door stays closed but with pressue always on that "tongue". Over time, that little plastic "tongue" will wear off.

I have the Boss Micro-BR and the later model BR-80 and also use the Korg PX5D - never had any problem with their battery doors, which are firm and closes well and easy without need of force. They are Chinese-made as well. 

Re: G30 battery door
by tadium54 on 2012-01-22 09:36:18

I bought a G30 and like just about everyone else, I am having some issues too. I have tried about 5 different battery brands, hoping to find a solution. If it was shipped with screws so I could take it apart and somewhat trim the lower battery springs to take some pressure off the door, that would be good (but it looks like it snaps together instead of being held together with screws). This seems to be a bit of a design flaw.

I love every Line6 product I have - I just wish Line6 would own up to their design flaw instead of simply sidestepping the issue.

Re: G30 battery door
by DenZeten on 2012-05-04 01:24:52


Well I don't think I'm the 2nd one who's complaining about the battery door .

I'm using the G30 and I've never got a better sound out of a wireless system.


It's a shame that the battery door is of such a poor that I've used it for a while with velcro and plastic bands, I'm having a new problem!

The battery indicator switches on and off from full to reserve every 2 seconds (with new batteries). This means bad contact...and yes, again...the battery door!!!!

If I touch the door or just grab the transmitter when the system is on, you see the battery light changing from blue to red off and on...

Please line 6...give us some aftersale service! You said that there where delivered 6-8 thousand G30's world wide!!!! Money well earned to give a few (your words) 100% quality service...

For now I don't trust the system during a live gig. The only solution I see to make it "good to gig" again, is open it up. Connecting an external batterij holder system (makes it less compact ).

I hate to break a perfectly nice system.

Does anyone have another solution?

A new transmitter costs around $ 180 I think...

Regards from Belgium

Re: G30 battery door
by carrtunes on 2012-05-04 12:01:30

It's been one year since I notified Line6 that I was having a problem with this unit and the battery popping open.  As a result, I rarely use the unit on important gigs, and always have a cable at the ready.  I'm the only guitar in the trio, and in the middle of a tune that features guitar leads, out comes the battery.  They vamped as mando and bass while I patched it up.  Looked awful to the audience I'm sure.  I happily asked several questions about it when asked by customers at the club, and of course I never miss an opportunity to say that Line6 knows about this and has decided to do nothing. 

It sits as a novelty in my studio.  Sometimes I use it when I'm sitting on the porch.  Can't trust it on a gig. 

Buddies come by and ask why there's a wrap of black electrical tape around it, and I dutifully explain:

Because Line6 took a bunch of money from me, and refuses to back the product. 

I used to buy Line6 stuff first whenever there were mutliple vendors of similar solutions.  Now, I shop, and I worry about Line6 quality. 

Who wins?  Me, the guy that bought a product he can't trust?  Line6, the company that would rather pocket a few bucks than offer some kind of replacement solution?

Nobody wins.

Really awful customer care decision making.

Re: G30 battery door
by sdevino on 2012-05-04 15:13:10

Have you tried contacting customer service? Have you also tried different batteries? AA batteries vary quite a bit from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some welll know brands exceed maximum length spec by more than others which can make the battery door an issue. On the other hand you may just have a battery door issue in which case it is bets to contact customer support so they can address the situation.


Re: G30 battery door
by mabbaticchio on 2012-05-07 12:53:46

No comment on the design.... This thread kinda speaks for that..     However... if you get one of these, it is almost impossible for the battery door to pop open in use on you.  Pretty good thing to have anyway since the clip doesnot work all that great either


note: If you get this pouch you just need to create a small hole in it where the cable plugs in.  This is necessary to keep the power siwtch on the top wher eyou can reach it.

Re: G30 battery door
by semaj88 on 2012-06-14 03:40:13


Problem solved: Velcro

These pics will solve the problem.

Make sure you push the locking switch down when you close the door.

Use 4 pieces of velcro,2 on the device as shown 2 long pieces back to back as the cover.

When you need to open it lift the velcro fom the bottom of the device not the top the door latch will be exsposed and you just open it.

No more poping open by itself.Quick to open,and very enexspensive about $2.00 US.

                                                                                                                                                   Good Luck

                                                                                                                                                     Pass it on




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