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Controlling Pod Farm via midi foot controller.
by Strok on 2010-06-27 11:11:06

First off, is it at all possible to control stomp-boxes, Wah's and etc in Pod Farm with a Midi-Foot controller?  Because I was looking around and in Pod Farm 2 and it said "Midi Learn" to turn certain things on and off.  But anyway...  I was looking into Midi interfaces and a foot controller and was wondering if I could get support from a Line 6 Expert or some one with substantial knowledge on these types of things.  So here is what I was looking at...

The Foot Controller: A Behringer-FCB1010 Midi FootController

And the Interfaces I was looking at:

Cakewalk UM-1G Compact USB MIDI Interface

Anda M-Audio PCI Digital audio card

So, in short would I be able to plug the Behringer via Midi cable into either the cakewalk, or M-audio card into my computer to control Pod Farm with it?  And if anyone has any other suggestions on any other items please recommend away!  Thanks for any help!

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