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Spider valve ii midi problem
by Hezzman on 2010-07-08 10:40:23


I've just bought a spider valve mk 2 212 and am having trouble connecting teh midi ports to my pc.

I've tried three cable now and none of them can connect to the amp, when i try updating the flash memory the update fails after a couple of seconds and I get a message saying

" Spider Valve mkII 212 update failed

(Code 8000000A) An undefined error occured:

Try the update again, making sure the cables are still conected."

I've swapped the cables round but no joy. Two of the midi/usb interfaces I've tried have led indicators and neither of them show the midi ports as connected.

Is there any way I can check if the midi is working?


Re: Spider valve ii midi problem
by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-07-08 11:51:44


Issues like this are usually linked to the quality of the MIDI interface you're using - not always, but usually.  What make and model MIDI interface(s) have you tried so far?


Re: Spider valve ii midi problem
by Hezzman on 2010-07-08 12:02:27


ok first one i tried was a £10 amazon one, then an ESI midimate II and an m-audio uno, the led indicators on the cables show the unsb connected but the led for the midi connections doesnt light up. I've tried starting the amp in boot up mode but still nothing.

It doesn't look like there's a connection on Line6  monkey either as it shows the amps existing firmware as unknown when it should say 1.17

Thanks for the reply.


Re: Spider valve ii midi problem
by Hezzman on 2010-07-09 02:44:57

I've just spoken to Line6 support via phone and now I'm more puzzled. The tech on the phone stated categorically that the spider valve 2 can ONLy be updated via the FBV2 and not via a USB/midi interface. I even pointed him to the Line 6 Infusion FAQ posted by Line6andy which has instructions on how to update your amp firmware via midi and he still insists its wrong amd can only be done via the FBV2. So completely contradicting info from line 6 but seemingly backed up by the fact that 3 different cables have failed to work? Hmmmm.

Re: Spider valve ii midi problem
by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-07-09 05:08:44


The UNO MIDI interface should work.  These are pretty reliable.  The $10 Amazon one may well work too, but often cheap MIDI interfaces can be of suspect quality.

I have a MkII shortboard so for me it's not a problem, but I have successfully connected via MIDI to control the amp from Spider Valve MkII Edit and to use the Shortboard at the same time.

To the best of my knowledge I had previously thought that it was possible to update the amp's firmware via MIDI, but I may have misunderstood that.

If Line 6 Tech Support have told you that the amp cannot be updated via MIDI, then I'd assume they know what they're talking about and go with the advice you've been given.

As you say: hmmmm....  

Good luck


Re: Spider valve ii midi problem
by Hezzman on 2010-07-09 11:31:32

Right update

It seems that you can connect via midi to the pc but only if the amp has firmware1.50 but.... the only way you can update to 1.50 is to use a mk2 FBV. Of course why would you then need to connect via midi if you've got an mk2 FBV.

Seems the online docs are not correct and the engineer i spoke to said they;d be corrected. So new FBV it is then.

Thanks for your reply.

Re: Spider valve ii midi problem
by patto_505 on 2012-03-01 22:42:56

i read the same thing as OP. went to my local music shop and bought a $60 interface to update my amp. it gave me the same error message then shutdown,

i retried a few times and got the same message then i gave up, problem is that the software got to wiping my amp and shutdown before it reinstalled everything.

so i now have a very large paperweight. from what ive read on this post i now have to buy a fbv mk2 which will set me back a few hundred dollars.

i will purchase this in a few weeks when i have the money but once this amp finally dies i will not be buying another line 6 again.

Re: Spider valve ii midi problem
by patto_505 on 2012-03-01 22:43:33

just read the date, my bad for the thread bump

Re: Spider valve ii midi problem
by tearitupbaby on 2013-01-03 16:18:31

i just got the amp and tried updating via fbv and midi and now i just have a blank screen upon turning it on...a yellow blank screen....should i just return the amp or is there a way to fix this>?

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