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Old line6 FloorBoard problems
by sitdown on 2010-07-10 01:02:01


I have one of the older line6 Floor Board, like this:

<a target=new href="class="jive-image" src=""/>

....two days ago I have purchased a new POD 2.0. to use it with the floorboard (if I'm not wrong they are supposedly compatible, right?), but something goes wrong.

When I connect the FB to the POD 2.0 with the Cat5 cable, I can see wrong characters on the FB display, also, the leds from the FB light up randomly everytime I disconnect/connect the cat5 cable... in short, the FB does not work.

Can you suggest me anything I can try? ...I use a 10 meters network cable (non cross-over) like those used by network routers

, is it right?


sorry for my bad english

regards from Spain

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