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wierd noises from my Pod PRO
by CHIAMAMIIENA on 2010-07-16 04:36:02

Hi everybody,

this is the second time that my Pod Pro starts making weird noises (something like a loud scratch) when I light it on and continues making them time by time.

These noises cover ALL the guitar sound and are only affected by the output sweel: the first time I took it to my tech I was told that the problem was with the ac conductors and - after some days and 150 euros spent)- I had my machine back and everything seemed ok for some days.

Suddenly the noises are back and they never leave (unless i put the output sweel to zero):  I don't think this is an ac conductor related problem anymore (at this point I am not even sure it was it the first time...): has anybody experienced my same problem? do you have any advice? maybe the firmware?

Thank you in advance for your kind respond


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