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AX2 battery question
by es336td on 2010-08-02 13:07:35

Back in one of the old forums, someone (Lemmie I think) detailed the procedure to check the battery status and something else.  I have lost track of that post and would like to check my AX2's battery.   It's over 10 years old, so I know I'm on borrowed time.   A few months ago I was playing and a user patch reverted to the stock patch for that location.   I assumed the battery was dead.   I was playing with it the other day and noticed that all my presets were where they should be.  Weird.  I plan on doing the battery replacement in the near future, but just wanted to see if something else could be wrong AND figure out the procedure.  I can't find it in the FAQ or any other documentation out there...   Thanx!

Re: AX2 battery question
by tumenibrother on 2010-08-08 20:18:22

Seems like Line 6 deletes past posts.  I had posted the two button step to view the amp systems, including battery.  I'm not at home, so don't have it here with me (I think you hold Main and something else when you turn the amp on and it goes into analysis mode).  I'll check when I get home tonight and try to post the combo either tonight or tomorrow.

Changing the battery isn't a major deal.  You do have to de-solder the old and re-solder the new.  Line 6 repair should be able to send you the replacement free - they've sent me several over the years.  I've also gotten them from Digikey, but I've found discrepancies in the different models.  The biggest pain is reloading your user presets since they're saved in the battery.  If you are able to transfer setting via MIDI to and from the amp and your computer, great!  I was never able to get that sophisticated, so always have to hand enter the parameters (I at least had the foresight to have the values saved as hard copies).

Re: AX2 battery question
by tumenibrother on 2010-08-09 06:07:21


Here's the process:

Hold the STORE SOUND button while turning on the amp.  The display will show "SrA".  There are about 10 amp functions that can be tested, scroll up and down using the BANK UP and DOWN buttons, press TUNER to initiate the tests.  Battery ("bAt") test is number 4, will either show Err or PAS.  Turn amp off to exit the testing, back on without holding anything down and it will be back to normal functioning.

PS.  Why doesn't you pick show you holding an ES 336?

Re: AX2 battery question
by es336td on 2010-08-09 10:57:23

Yes, I have a MIDI back up and find it quite helpful.   I had to do a hard reset a while back and was able to reload it in minutes.

Re: AX2 battery question
by es336td on 2010-08-09 11:01:08

Thanx!  Where did you get this info from?   I find it in no available documentation on the site.

PS..  Because Line 6 doesn't make a 336... and I don't own one.     I acquired the user name when I applied for an e-mail address to Earthlink.  I had put in 335 because I have one ( came back as 336... I wasn't paying attention and accepted it.  Not very interesting...

Re: AX2 battery question
by tumenibrother on 2010-08-13 03:24:01

It's in the service manual, a rare item these days!

Re: AX2 battery question
by strat246 on 2010-08-18 12:39:32

Hi, hope you don't mind me crashing this post, but i am desperately trying to find a fix for my AX2 212, I have managed to find the amp checks as you have mentioned, but I would like to find what the error codes mean and what the fixes may be. I would be very grateful for any assistance. Regards

Re: AX2 battery question
by es336td on 2012-10-31 06:33:17

I finally took my AX2 to the shop for a battery install and a complete check out.   One main thing was the numbers repeatedly scrolling for no reason, which impeded the function of the floorboard.   Also, my floorboard wasn't working correctly on one side.   The tech suspected either a heat issue, or a circuit board issue.  He took the thing out of the case and ran it for hours; it functioned flawlessly.  Put it back in the case and the numbers started scrolling after it was heated up.   He suggested putting an external fan on it instead of cutting a hole and installing one.  Guess I'll find one of those clip on jobs at a drug store or something.  Nice to know.  I just bought my friend's AX2 to have a spare and it's doing the same thing.

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