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M13 - Pitch Glide, inconsistent pitch definition
by alejimenez on 2010-08-06 10:26:51


I've been using the M13 for quite a few months now and it's been way above my expectations, specially in live situations. However I am a heavy user of the Whammy Pedal and I've noticed some problems regarding the Pitch Glide Effect. It seems that everytime I turn on and off the M13 or change scenes my pitch definitions change a bit, so if I positioned 0.0 at the heel position and +12.0 at the toe position, whenever I come back to the scene or turn off/on the M13 the toe position is at +11.7 or +11.3 or +12.3. I am using an Ernie Ball VP Jr 25k as expression pedal.

Thanks in advance for any tips you could share

Re: M13 - Pitch Glide, inconsistent pitch definition
by withlin on 2010-08-06 15:39:47

I use that same expression pedal and can't replicate your problem. I use the Whammy effect regularly too. It sounds like maybe the pedal is "off" in its calibration, but I'm not sure what the fix for this would be. Sorry that I didn't really answer your question, lol. One thing is to set the pedal to control another parameter and see if it changes toe and heel settings after switching scenes or turning the unit on and off. The pitch bend effect works flawlessly for me with that pedal and the ex-1 on both my M13 and M9


BTW: I use the VP jr. but I am not sure if it is the 25k one or not. It's whichever one everyone recommends on here. GC had to order it for me because they only stock the other one.

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Re: M13 - Pitch Glide, inconsistent pitch definition
by phil_m on 2010-08-07 12:06:21

It could be a faulty cable.  I experienced something like that with my M9, but it stopped happening when I switched to a different cable.  If that's not the case, it may be something with the expression pedal itself.  The pots in those Ernie Ball pedals do sometimes go bad.

Re: M13 - Pitch Glide, inconsistent pitch definition
by xdsxds on 2010-11-22 14:33:53


Did you ever find a solution for this?

I have the exact same problem with my M9..

off pitch my a microtone in heel position =(



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