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Spider hd150 & mikII short Board = Mods & tones
by knightray on 2010-08-07 11:49:57

I bot the Spider hd150 & the MikII short board.

Prob (1) No info from musiciansfriend on this setup untill i got your larg PDF on it, that i find out that the hd150 has only 4hom out puts and the cab is 8hom so in order to use it both out puts have to go to just 1 cab Why there was no info gave to me on this befor i but it or i would not have.

All so why cant i use the mikII short board to get new mods for my amp?

I was not informed that i had to buy a Line 6 POD XT Live or POD X3 Live or any thing but add_on software to add new Effects.

There is no sustain effect bilt in wich is one of the most popular effects.

To get all this to work right you got to buy farm mod as well because you can not loop other effects boards in with it unles it is line6 gear....

Now if i am rong how can i get new mods with what i have if not this amp and board are all new But not loded as clamed!

I want a refund on it all. Here is where I got it musiciansfriend.

Not triying to sound like a Butt about it, but I have put out a lot of money on this and still hiting wall after wall with this gear, I have ben playing for over 30 years and never till now had this much of a pain.

Please help me if you can, there has to be a ez fix to this or i have no choic but to get a refund so i can get gear that will do any thing i need i tock a chance on your gear and so far i am not happy with what i did.

Thank you and please help.

Re: Spider hd150 & mikII short Board = Mods & tones
by gtrman100 on 2010-08-07 15:06:45

Here are some answers to your(kinda hard to understand) concerns:

1- you can use an 8ohm cab with a 4 ohm output. 4 ohms is the minimum cab you can use.

2- you can use the USB connection on the MkII shortboard to update your amp. Go to the downloads section and download the Monkey to your computer. Use the Monkey to download all software updates.

3- a Pod X3 has nothing to do with your amp. It won't update your amp or anything else. It could be used as an effects unit in front of you amp if you wanted more effects, but there are already plenty on your amp.

4- there is no dedicated "sustain" effect, but that's what a compressor does, and there are several in the 1st effects knob of your amp.

5- spellcheck is your friend....

Re: Spider hd150 & mikII short Board = Mods & tones
by spaceatl on 2010-08-07 15:26:55


Just wanted to add that...

If you have the swtichable cab then you can run 2 412s...

The Line 6 cab is usually 4/16 ohm mono or 8 ohm stereo...As a 30 year player you should know ohms by now...Although it would take some adaptive wiring, you could hook up four 16 ohm mono cabinets per channel...It's stereo so there are two...That's 8 cabs...So I have no idea what your concern is...

More than several ways to make a sustainer...plenty in there...

Re: Spider hd150 & mikII short Board = Mods & tones
by knightray on 2010-08-10 10:10:23

The spidervII  hd150 has only 2 4omh out puts the cab has 2 8omh inputs.

your video on seting this system up says you have to run each 4omh output from the head to the cab the cab has no 4omh to 8omh switch so going by your video to not damage the head or the cab you have to run both 4omh outputs to both 8omh inputs om the cab to get the head to output 8omhs . Now if this is rong please let me know and please check your video on seting up a spider vII hd150.

That is how it tells you to do it.

Sorry if i sounded rude and thank you for your repliys and help.


RE: Spider hd150 & mikII short Board = Mods & tones
by ricksox on 2010-08-10 12:49:36


When you connect the Spider IV HD150 to that Spider Cabinet you do have to run it in stereo mode into both inputs of the cab. Please see our cabinet connectivity tutorial here:

The FBV Shortboard MkII can indeed be used to update the software on your amp. Please see this tutorial to learn how to do that:


Re: RE: Spider hd150 & mikII short Board = Mods & tones
by knightray on 2010-10-01 08:48:18

Thank you, you are the only one that grasp the info needed.

and to the others it is so stupid to seal a 4ohm amp head with a ohm cab that has no switch from 4 to ohm it is a waste of a good head.

But thats just my opinion.

Thank you for your time and help


Re: Spider hd150 & mikII short Board = Mods & tones
by Craig7979 on 2012-05-08 00:14:35

I owned a line 6 podxt years ago and had no trouble downloading tones, updating my flash memory and in turn having some great tones..... now a few years later i have bought a hd150 with fbv mk2 express, it's rediculous how hard it is to get tones.... why can't i use .l6t files... is there a converter? even that fbv control app is stupid, it's a rediculous interface... i think you should sack your i.t. people, they are letting your company down

all i want to do is get a few tones from the custom tone site and easily put them into my fbv board... where is the instructions even.... i want to play the guitar not fuck around with this shit

Re: Spider hd150 & mikII short Board = Mods & tones
by fflbrgst on 2012-05-08 05:18:16

The Spider amps use different file types than the software you use with a POD (Gearbox, Podfarm).   You use Spider Edit to move the tones to your amp THROUGH the FBV - the FBV does not store the tones, it acts as an interface betwen your computer and amp.  Spider Control is for controllign MIDI devices or software from your FBV.

FInd the tones you want at Customtone (you can sort by file type, so can look at just the Spider ones), then download them to your computer.  Use Spider Edit to move the tone file from your computer to a User Bank path location on your amp.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.