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MIDI Mobilizer Apps
by northofnorth on 2010-08-08 15:23:42.6170

I'm interested in getting a MIDI Mobilizer but before I buy can you tell me if you're going to be releasing some kind of Rompler for it? One that can maybe import additional files such as soundfonts?  This would be an absolutely awesome app for live performance and would definitely persuade me to buy

RE: MIDI Mobilizer Apps
by darealagentp on 2010-08-09 15:27:21.3540


Just for clarification: Line 6 designed and manufactures the MIDI Mobilizer hardware interface. We hope that more iPhone/iPod Touch application developers will write creative software products to take advantage of this hardware interface.

Hope this clears things up. I guess a better way to look at it is: with our interface, you have a means of connecting MIDI devices to and from your iPhone. But the availability of applications that take advantage of this input/output hardware interface depends on whether programmers around the world sign up for the SDK to create and sell programs that use this interface.



Re: RE: MIDI Mobilizer Apps
by gildabass on 2010-08-16 02:59:58.1170

Hi ! I'm wanting this very hard, it's a sooo good idea, thanks for that…

But  i must say i'm a little bit frustrated because, since the mobiliser was announced  6 month ago, you said that the "compatilbility" code was avalable for 3rd party developpers, and that you contacted a whole bunch of them, and that there will be some apps available…

But that's already a loooong time and there is not a single rumor on any compatible app ! I understand that it needs time to devellop some apps (although, it's not necessary to create an app from scratch, there are already so many very good ones available, just to be "adapted" to your device) and i am not at all disappointed by the fact that by today no app is out, but by the fact that none has been announced for the future !! Neither by Line6, who should know if someone is working on it, nor by any developper… or i can't search well… but… simply, could you please give us some tips or rumor on any app that should be coming up ? When you say "We hope that more iPhone/iPod Touch application developers will write creative software products"  are you really hoping ? or not able to tell us for any reason ?

(sorry for the complain, but i am so willing to add my iphone/MM as the smallest sampler ever to my live keyboard rig !!)


EDIT : sorry, my bad… just going back to the forum main page tells me that "midi live" is now available… that's one !! cool !!

Re: RE: MIDI Mobilizer Apps
by northofnorth on 2010-11-02 15:32:50.0790

I've just checked this page...

... still no mention of any third party apps. 

I'm after a synth or rompler app for live performance.  Whats going on Line 6?  Is there anything in the pipeline?

I'm looking for a good reason to buy a Mobilizer!

Re: RE: MIDI Mobilizer Apps
by northofnorth on 2010-11-02 15:43:19.8570

Aah just found BS-16i, looks ideal!!

Line 6 can I suggest you put a list of current Mobilzer apps on your website to make it easier for your customers

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