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Help...! service info required... AX2 212
by strat246 on 2010-08-18 13:24:43

Please help.... I am looking for any information relating to the amp test menu's shortcode descriptions ( i.e. SrA , Epr, idi, Aud, AdA ) and associated error codes for an AX2 212.

I have managed to carry out the diagnostics which are found by holding SAVE and COMPARE when powering on, however not all diagnostics have returned as a "PAS".

In the idi diagnostic (?) it has returned as "Err",

during the AdA (?) diagnostic it returned    " n  r  with the both Comp and Amp Model Led's lit" ,

and after the HLF test it returned  " L  A     - 40  "  Flashing.


Re: Help...! service info required... AX2 212
by tumenibrother on 2010-10-29 15:16:08

email me:

tumenibrothers @ frontiernet dot net

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