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SYSEX with midi mobilizer
by grigri on 2010-09-27 19:27:23.0420

hello, with midi mobilizer, is it possible to use it as sysex librarian ?

I understand sysex can be complicated. like different devices needs different buffer size,send speed, etc...

RE: SYSEX with midi mobilizer
by darealagentp on 2010-10-01 14:10:17.1940


Actually, the "MIDI Mobilizer" is the hardware interface we designed: it's not software, only a MIDI input and output interface to an iPhone or iPad/iPod Touch.

MIDI Memo Recorder software (free at the Apple App Store) allows an iPhone/iPod touch to play and record any MIDI data it receives. It can capture musical ideas on a keyboard, save sounds or settings from an effects unit, or backup any MIDI device's data. Once in an iPhone/iPod touch, a MIDI recording can be emailed as a Standard MIDI File (SMF), making it playable and editable within virtually any Mac or PC-based digital audio workstation.

It won't be as extensive as a program such as SysEx Librarian or MIDI-OX, which run only on a host computer system.



Re: SYSEX with midi mobilizer
by Ruben_cc on 2010-12-25 15:35:42.4500

I am using the MIDI Mobilizer with the MIDI Memo app to bulk patch libraries in sysex format to my Korg 01R/W and it works just fine. There are only two drawbacks you need to keep in mind.

1. Since I could not find a way to "upload" a sysex file to the MIDI Memo app or find any other app that could do this, you need to record the sysex file with MIDI Memo from the device itself. In other words, you need another way to put all the desired patches in your device and then send them all from the device to the MIDI Memo app.

2. #1 only works for devices that have a way to dump the desired data using knobs on the device itself and don't need any fancy handshaking functions. For example; on my Korg 01R/W I just navigate through some menus and select the function to dump its contents over MIDI. The MIDI Memo app will happily accept this data from the device and the device accepts this data when played back. But my ancient MT-32 module for example doesn't have a way to dump its patches by selecting some menu on the device itself. It needs a MIDI message itself with a request to dump the data before it will do so. Since you cannot construct these "request to send" messages inside the MIDI Memo recorder, this won't work. Maybe it will work if you connect everything to a MIDI patchbay and have another device send the request, but I didn't test this.

Re: RE: SYSEX with midi mobilizer
by willthemoor on 2010-12-26 16:12:24.7430

I use MMR to record sysex from all my synths. Works great. Folders would really keep things organized.

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