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Flextone III (3) and a Floorboard Controller Compatibility.
by rocketpedal on 2010-09-29 11:39:09

I purchased a Flextone 3 plus. After searching around I found this:

"Q: Which Line 6 floor controller(s) can I use with the Flextone III?

A: We recommend the Line 6 FBV Shortboard, but any of the FBV controllers will control the Flextone III.

Now, After I have purchased a fbv floorboard....I read that this pedal isn't compatible due to firmware issue.

I haven't tried to hook up the floorboard to the amp for fear of damaging one or the other.

I really like the sound of the amp and just wanted a way to change channels and have the wah and volume on there on pedal.

This is my second amp...and the first of a "real" caliber amp.

my questions are:

1. Can I hooking up the floorboard to my FT3+ amp without burning up something, seems both are RJ45 and end up just getting limited features?

2. What the pinout on the cable? 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 so i can test it out.

3. Why won't this pedal work exactly? maybe downgrade to a compatible firmware!

4. Should I just shoot myself in both feet so this pedal problem isn't an issue anymore? Just some humor.

5. Why do you specify that any pedal will work to control the flextone 3.

I think the compatibility page should include "all your amp models" and "all pedal boards" to better serve your community.

there's a lot of confusion on this matter that I think would be cleared up if you do this.

I have contacted your authorized dealers and they all say were not help there. So this is my last attempt to resolve this issue.

I really like this amp, but may just send it down the road due to lack of correct information....can't afford to keep spending money and getting incompatiblites.

One final question....Do you offer trade-ins or discounts to get something working here.

Thanks for your time....maybe your response will help others as well.

rocketpedal out.

RE: Flextone III (3) and a Floorboard Controller Compatibility.
by ricksox on 2010-10-01 15:05:02

The Flextone III will work with any FBV pedal or any FBV MkII pedal.

It sounds like you bought the original Line 6 Floorboard although I'm not sure because we never developed a product called "FBV Floorboard".

Does your pedal say FBV anywhere on the unit?

If not, then you have the Floorboard which is not compatible with your amp. It won't damage the amp if you plug it in but it simply won't work.

We don't offer a trade in program but I can tell you that the older non Line 6 Floorboards are a hot item on eBay as they have been discontinued so you should have no problem getting rid of it for near full or full value.

The optimal pedal for your amp is the FBV Shortboard or FBV Shortboard MkII.


Re: RE: Flextone III (3) and a Floorboard Controller Compatibility.
by rocketpedal on 2010-10-03 09:34:57

Found most of the answers the other day.

Your it's just a FloorBoard. Would be nice to see it listed on the compatibility page.

found a schematic on the rj45 connector.... and the pinout is different. power and grounds look like they are moved around....not good.

after I clean it up.....I'll include a new cable and sell it to a lucky soul.

Thanks for your time...and effort.

RE: Flextone III (3) and a Floorboard Controller Compatibility.
by ricksox on 2010-10-05 11:23:43

You're very welcome.


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