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Going from Floor Pod Plus to HD500 - need suggestions for getting started, set-up, etc.
by jcollinsmd on 2010-10-16 07:03:43

Great forum, guys.  Tons of helpful information.

I am a fairly novice electric player, although I have been playing acoustic for several years.  I have a floor pod plus, and while it is a decent piece of equipment, I quickly learned its limitations, especially in the aare of being able to order effects in a chain and turn them on and off.  I have recently ordered the HD500, and need some ideas/help for getting started.

Here are my questions:

1.  Just to get me excited, how much better is the tone going to sound?  (that's an easy one, but I needed to get my juices going - I've been salivating for days now)

2.  Any ideas about some good 'templates' for getting started with creating tone, etc?  I will be using it in this way -

     a.  Home - (Fender Frontman 25w solid state amp, or headphones)

     b.  Live - church setting direct through the PA system

3.  Any good ideas/helpful suggestions for ordering effects once I start to set up tone/effect chains?

4.  Best idea to hook-up to the PA system for stereo sound?  I have previously been using a direct box from the floor pod plus's mono output, switched to 'direct' mode.  However, I REALLY want to take advantage of the stereo delays (ping pong, etc.) and dual amp modes to get some cool stereo effects.

Thanks guys!  It's great to read all of these posts, but until my HD500 gets here, it is like watching someone eat a 16oz ribeye from Ruth's Chris through the window - Torture!!


Re: Going from Floor Pod Plus to HD500 - suggestions for getting started, set-up, etc.
by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-10-16 08:08:52


I'll do my best to answer your questions.

  1. It's subjective as your opinions will almost certainly differ from mine, but IMO the HD500 is a huge leap forward in terms of audio quality and modelling and if you compare with the older PODs I seriously think you'll be pleased with the way the HD500 sounds.  How much better is that?  Hard to say, but I would say 'significantly better' - however don't necessarily just go by the factory presets, start by looking at/listening to them by all means, but the HD500 will start to shine when you start to create your own tones IMO.
  2. If you look on the Custom Tone site you will find an ever increasing library of tones that users have created that might be able to act as a starting point for you to tweak and customise to your own tastes.  I have spent a few hours today prompted by an idea in another thread, creating a full set list of all the full amp models in the HD500 in banks of four so that there is a CLEAN, SLIGHTLY DIRTY, CRUNCH and SOLO patch in each bank of four presets and all 16 amp models are covered in this way.  The presets are fairly basic and intended as a starting point.   Your presets should work fine on your home system or elsewhere if you set the HD500's output options accordingly to match the equipment you're using.  I would recommend that you put the HD500 into the power amp input of your amp rather than into the front input as this will give you a closer sound to that which you'll get when plugging into a PA, but if that's not possible you should set your amp's gain and tone controls  to as neutral settuings as you can to keep the amp as clean as possible.
  3. You can put the effects in any order you like, but a generally accepted way is to place Wah, Distortion FX pre the amp model and Modulation, Delay and Reverb FX post  the amp model, however I usually put wah, modulation, delay etc... pre the amp model and reverb post the amp model with a volume pedal post the amp model.  You should put the effects in the order that sounds best to you and suits your style though.  The choice is yours and the world is your lobster
  4. If you have the option of going stereo through the PA, then yes I'd say go for it.  The XLR outputs are somewhat quieter than the 1/4" outputs, but going in to a PA via the desk's microphone inputs this shouldn't be a problem.

Just my opinions



Re: Going from Floor Pod Plus to HD500 - suggestions for getting started, set-up, etc.
by jcollinsmd on 2010-10-16 11:16:53

Thanks, Nick.  Man - you are so helpful on these forums!  Don't know what we'd do without you!

I'm really looking forward to getting this thing rolling - the anticipation is driving me nuts!

So when you finish working on the amp models, can you upload them to the Custom Tone site?  LOVE to have access to that!


Re: Going from Floor Pod Plus to HD500 - suggestions for getting started, set-up, etc.
by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-10-16 11:37:41

There's already about 100+ tones for the HD500 up on Custom Tone - quite a few are mine which I created over a few weeks of having the HD500 available.  They are what they are and I make no pretence that they are the greatest and best tones ever LOL .  You may like them or you may not and that's fine by me either way.  My tones may change over time as I refine them but the best option really is to take what you find and tweak to your own taste every time.   Hopefully you'll find some tones on Custom Tone that you will find useful.  There's some really good tones appearing on there from other users now too.

I have posted the Set List containing the amp models in a logical order as they appear in the HD500 amp model selector but with each amp model being used four times with a CLEAN, SLIGHT DISTORTION, CRUNCH and SOLO type setting within each bank at positions A, B, C and D - here:'s intended as a set of building blocks and as a time saver for those who want it and that's it.



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