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New Expression Pedal for M13 and other Expression Ready Pedals
by jmichaelprobert on 2009-04-10 22:45:43

I have developed a new type of expression pedal which uses a foot controlable speed knob as opposed to a rocker pedal. The idea came from a friend of mine who is a very innovative thinker and an M13 user himself. He loves this expression pedal and said that more people needed to know about it so here I am telling you all about it!

Here are some pictures...

Toptop.jpgRight Sideright side.jpgLeft Sideleft side.jpg

It has a very small footprint measuring only 2" Tall (including switch) x 2 1/8" Wide (including knob) x 3.75" long (including jack)

You turn it on/off via the pushbutton switch. This allows you to have it at a preset value and go from normal effect settings then hit the switch and it will go straight to whatever value you have it set at! The knob on the side is the key to unlocking the tonal beauty of your effects. Just roll your foot over the top of the knob to turn the expression up or down. I am also building this in multiple expression units. This will make it much easier for you to have more control over your pedals for a cheeper price and without losing valuable real-estate on your pedal board! We all know just how important and hard it can be to make all of our effects fit on to a pedal board so that is why this was designed to be very small but still extremely usable!

If you have any questions on what you have seen here or would like to buy 1 or 2 or 10 of these just email me at I would love to talk to you about any needs that you have or any crazy ideas/dreams that you need help to make come true! Also check out my myspace page to see what else I am building at

The price for a Single unit is going to run at $45, a Dual unit at $65, and if you want more we can talk to workout a price for you (: (compare this to $69.99

for a single Line6 EX-1)

Michael Probert

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