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Using an HD400/500 to replace XT Live and M13 ????
by ncockerill on 2010-10-28 12:41:39

Question regarding new HD-series PODs

I currently have a POD XT Live and an M-13 Stompbox Modeler.  I use the POD XT Live for silent practicing and for recording, but I just don’t particularly like the sound I get for live performances when running through a PA.  So, when playing live, I use the M-13 with my Bogner Alchemist tube amp.  Using the output jack and FX send/return jacks on the M-13, I set the first two FX units to feed the amp’s input (for overdrive and compression) and the second two FX units to the effects loops (for phase and flanger).  It looks like the pic from M13 Pilot’s handbook page 9 (attached).

I see on the new HD series PODs that there is an FX-only mode button that disables amp modeling.  Is this essentially the same function as toggling the Amp button of the XT Live? 

What I am considering is retiring the XT Live and M-13 and moving toward a single unit (the HD400 or HD500).  When playing live, is it possible to use the HD400/HD500 in the way I am using the M-13 now – that is, as an effects only unit that allows me to send certain FX units to the amp’s input and other to the effects loop of the Bogner? 

If so, how would this be cabled?  Any other ideas?

Re: Using an HD400/500 to replace XT Live and M13 ????
by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-10-28 12:58:32

I have the HD500.   It shouldn't be viewed as a direct replacement for the XT Live because it is a brand new system built from the ground up and doesn't work in quite the same ways, but in a practical sense it does the same type of things as an XT Live but at a much higher level of quality.  The HD500 is the most flexible of the HD range and IMO is the best for what you want to do.

Yes you can use the HD500 in the same way as the M13 - i.e. 4 cable method.  Yes you can switch amp and cab modelling off if you want to (not really sure why you'd need to).  I would recommend that you just use the HD500 as your pre-amp and feed its output into the power amp input of your amp - although there are a number of interesting ways in which you can use the HD500 in 4CM so it works in both ways; 4CM and direct into your amp's power amp.  I posted quite a long reply outlining the 4CM and how it would be cabled here so this might be of interest rather than my typing it all out again

I recommend that you audition the POD HDxxx unit you want to buy before you actually buy it to try it for yourself.


Re: Using an HD400/500 to replace XT Live and M13 ????
by nightcrust on 2010-10-28 13:14:15

im sorry i cant really answer your question,but im sure since you own the m13 you could give me a better idea of what i should do?!?!i am an ametuer,i stay in india calcutta. i currently own an me-70 boss and was later on filled in on how good line6 is.Now since my college is sponsoring me i can buy another processor!!thing is i am really confused since i can buy form the local shops here the line6 pod x3 live for Rs28000 and the M13 for Rs.28500(close to $500).i am more keen on getting the hd500 which i saw online for $500.what should i go for??because the hd 500 is not available here yet and i mostly play there a cheap way of getting the processor from a friend in the states or could you suggest another alternative??

Re: Using an HD400/500 to replace XT Live and M13 ????
by phil_m on 2010-10-28 13:46:59

I've owned my M13 for over two years, and I love it.  I got the HD500 last night, and I hooked it up to my via the four cable method, and it works really well.  It really can do all the same effects as the M13, and it can actually exceed the capabilities of the M13 in some way.  For example, you can have eight effects at once on the HD500, but on the M13 you're limited to four simultaneous effects.

That being said, I think it is much easier to tweak the M13, imo.  The M13 really gives you the feeling of having actual stompboxes in front of you.  This really isn't the case with the POD.  Yes, the POD has the HD500 Edit program for crafting tones, which is nice, but to me, tweaking on the fly seems so much easier when everything is a matter of turning knobs, and not navigating by pushing buttons. It take a bit more patience in getting the sounds you want on the HD500.  But once you have your patches set, you have more available to you, and you can do it all with a bit less footwork.  It also takes a little bit more fiddling with the HD500 to get the levels correct in the four cable method.  The M13 is a unity gain device, so there's not really the same type of concern with gain staging as there is with the HD500 in the four cable method.

So the short answer is, yes, the HD500 can sonically replace an M13.  The longer answer is that the form factors are completely different, and the product that's best for your particular situation really depends on how you want to use it.  If you have a setlist that's pretty firm and don't really need to do a lot of adjusting in a live situation, the HD500 will probably work better.  If you like having immediate access to more effects that can be tweaked on the fly, the M13 may be better.  I actually play in both sorts of situations, so I am going to be keeping both.

Re: Using an HD400/500 to replace XT Live and M13 ????
by ncockerill on 2010-10-28 13:48:25

Nightcrust -- the M13 is a stompbox modeler with no amp modeling functionality.  It's a terrific product, but if you are looking for a full featured guitar processor with multi-effects and amp modeling, you've got to go with an X3 Live or HD400/500.  I still own the older XT Live, so I cannot specifically recommend which to go with (X3 or HD series).  I don't think you'll be disatisfied either way.  If it were me, I'd go with the HD500.  But please do check out this forum for more details.

Re: Using an HD400/500 to replace XT Live and M13 ????
by ncockerill on 2010-10-28 14:00:16

Thanks, Nick.  So, you are saying that the HD500 does allow you to route the FX units like the M13?

Re: Using an HD400/500 to replace XT Live and M13 ????
by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-10-28 15:03:05

ncockerill wrote:

Thanks, Nick.  So, you are saying that the HD500 does allow you to route the FX units like the M13?

Yes - as Phil has also indicated, but more so than the M13 because the HD500 is capable of dual channel routing and the possibilities of running the HD500 wired for 4CM but actually being able to bypass the amp's font end entirely in a 2CM style direct to your amp's power amp based on whether your presets have the FX Loop effect in them or not and without having to physically change your wiring.


Re: Using an HD400/500 to replace XT Live and M13 ????
by rodzimguitar68 on 2010-11-19 17:34:03

I sold my X3Live last week and replaced it with an HD500 this week.  I will keep my M13 too.

Basically, I agree that the HD is so much higher quality of a pre-amp than the X3Live AND it contains the high quality effects of the M13.  However, since my need for Effects can change from one week to the next, but not necessarily my needs for preamp tones, I have become accustomed to using my X3 (and now my HD500) by setting good basic tones - clean, crunch, rhythm, lead with minimal effects or with "standard effects - chorus, delay, reverb), and then using the M13 for bigger, more obvious effects that are song specific for that week.  It keeps me from having to delve into the digital menus of the X3 (and now the HD500) to customize a preset that I might only use once in the year and never use again.

The M13 makes it so easy to turn a stomp button into a leslie rotary this week, and next week it is a fuzz pedal or a filter effect - what ever the song needs, and I don't have to mess with the preamp (x3, HD).........

So for me, I don't "need" both, and I don't run 12 effects simultaneously (the reported sonic maximum of the combined units)- I just like the convenience of the stomp box mentality of the M13, versus navigating the digital menus of the preamp units -- so I can be a sonic chameleon with ease.

But if you really want to scale down and streamline the amount of gear you lug around to a gig - the HD500 can definitely be the "end all" - you just got to take the time to program every patch and every useable effect combination that you might need for your set list and save it to a preset.

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