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Pod HD500 crashed
by max_vie on 2010-11-21 04:47:59

I downloaded one of the presets called "Floyd-Gasm" from the customs-tone page. When I copied this preset to my pod I got the message that the DSP limit was reached. A few seconds later the pod did not react to any activity and I tried to restart by unplugging the pod. The welcome screen showed up and the pod does not "boot". I hangs up on the welcome screen. I tried to update the firmware varies times than but it did not help. I started up the pod by pressing the key to the right to enter safe mode and tried to install firmware from there. Which worked according to the message on the screen. By restarting the pod I'm hanging on the welcome screen again.

Is there anything else I can do on my own on the pod to get it working again?

Re: Pod HD500 crashed
by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-11-21 09:46:24

I have used the patch Floyd-Gasm today on my HD500 for the first time with no problems, so although I can see it is quite a 'busy' patch and may be close the the maximum DSP limit, it doesn't crash my HD500 nor a couple of people who were also looking at this particular preset.

OK - what i think has happened in your case is that the patch has partially transferred to your HD500 and when you re-flashed your unit's firmware in safe mode you opted to retain your existing presets.  Try again but this time don't retain your system's presets and don't initially connect to HD500 edit when you restart the unit.  Disconnect the HD500 from the computer completely and restart the unit as a standalone device.  Hopefully it should re-boot properly.


Re: Pod HD500 crashed
by max_vie on 2010-11-21 12:41:28

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the Pod still does not start up ;(

I also described how it happened in this thread:

Idon't think that the patch was transfered partially as it went over to the Pod without any problems and I could play with the patch.

The pod was not connected to my PC when I mentionned that the second amp was disabled. When I tried to choose an amp on the Pod on this patch I received the DSP overflow message. So I wanted to turn of the particle reverb to free up some memory and that was the moment when the Pod hung up.

I have always chosen to get rid of all the user patches during the firmware update procedure as I was sure that something went when I was fiddling around with exactly this patch. Meanwhile I tried to reflash the firmware in any possible order and on two different PC's. The Pod still hangs in an endless loop on the welcome screen. The only possible way to do the firmware update is by starting the pod in safe mode as otherwise monkey does not recognize the hung up Pod. The firmware update completes and asks me to restart the Pod .... and I'm back in the welcome screen loop ;(

This was the first time that this happened to me using any of the various presets that I downloaded from customtone. Anyway, I'm just not getting why it is not possible to set the Pod back to it's out-of-the-box status using the firmware update procedure. I tried to update the firmware using the reinstall/update procedure in Monkey and I used the downloadable file and tried to update it that way. It does not work. The firmware update installation finishes telling me to restart the Pod and it hangs up on the welcome screen.

Re: Pod HD500 crashed
by ozbadman on 2010-11-21 12:49:18

Sounds like you're doing everything right which means that definitely does not sound good.

I think unfortunately you may have to wait until Line 6 weighs in on this. Sunday today   so hopefully tomorrow. But, it sounds like even they may not be able to fix it quickly. I'd maybe swap it out at your point of purchase if that's easy.

Re: Pod HD500 crashed
by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-11-21 12:52:14


I'm sorry that you still have the problem.  I don't know of any other ways to possibly get around this issue, sorry.  Maybe someone on the L6 Support team will be able to advise you better, but to me the unit seems to have developed a fault and will possibly need a repair.


Re: Pod HD500 crashed
by max_vie on 2010-11-23 02:13:26

Just to keep it updated - my Pod HD500 is still dead.

I brought the Pod to a local music store (not the one where I bought it) and one of the guys was friendly enough to try his best to get it up running again. With no success.

I talked to the retailer in Germany where I bought the pod and I have to return the Pod on my own expenses and it will be sent in for repair. I'm not sure if I should keep the Pod when I get it back because I'm just afraid that this can happen everytime just by trying out someones preset. And I'm not willing to pay € 35,- each time to send it back to the retailer because the software on the Pod hangs up. It just feels unreliable and I think I will put it on eBay as soon as I get it back from repair. Back to a small tube amp with pedals - not a very variable solution, but it's not depending on a piece of bugged software and it worked for years in the past and I'm sure it will just work for the next years too.

Re: Pod HD500 crashed
by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-11-23 02:33:33

Unfortunately the problem of buying stuff from overseas on-line means that you have to send things back when they go wrong.  You may pay a little more from a local retailer, but in general they are usually quite helpful in my experience.

Your problem does not seem to have come up before on this forum or at least not much, so I think you probably have a broken unit and that this is hopefully an isolated case. 

Good luck

Best regards


Re: Pod HD500 crashed
by ozbadman on 2010-11-23 08:26:47


I haven't seen this before so hopefully you just have a broken unit.


Re: Pod HD500 crashed
by L6EXPERT on 2010-11-23 08:29:05

I wouldnt even mess with it that much. Its clearly a lemon. I would send it back for a new unit ASAP. Good luck mate!

Re: Pod HD500 crashed
by L6EXPERT on 2010-11-23 09:03:49

Let us know how you´ve managed you issue mate.

Re: Pod HD500 crashed
by L6EXPERT on 2010-11-23 09:15:55

L6 techs should say something...

Re: Pod HD500 crashed
by LOOPDIZZLE on 2010-12-19 20:43:42

My 2 month old POD HD500 reboots incessantly when editing and sometimes for no reason at all!!  EXTREMELY IRRITATING!!  any idea if L6 has corrected this problem???  any help is appreciated!!  Thank You!  

Re: Pod HD500 crashed solved for while
by EliezyGuittar on 2011-04-23 13:51:58

I managed to solve the problem, just holding two buttons."TAP footswitches" and "ENTER amp&fx on/off " buttons, he returned to the home screen with 1A: Son Of Plexi showing in LED POD HD500, but the engineers at Line 6 have to solve this problem with new FLASH i did the upgrade FLASH 1.22, and got the same problem, and i discovered that the problem is something related to the DSP,cuz i made ​​a patch with the greatest effect possible to be with good sound synthesized, and when i turn on my FS2 and FS3 footswitches for example, it turns itself off the screen showing the LINE6 every 5 seconds, then again I did just holding two buttons."TAP footswitches" and "ENTER amp&fx on/off " buttons, he returned to the home screen with 1A: Son Of Plexi showing in LED POD HD500 solving the problem .. so, i have helped, i'm from Brazil my English is a little weak, but i hope you understand well

Eliezy Guittar

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