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Pod HD on bass?
by zeartist on 2010-11-23 22:02:29

I've seen that the X3 had amp models for bass and even for vocals, but I didn't see this advertised on the HD500 I'm looking at... Does anyone use it on bass or vocals and can they assess how much difference there is compared to the X3 ?

Are there any plans from Line 6 to include other amp models to fit this need in the near future ?

Thanks !

Re: Pod HD on bass?
by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-11-24 05:54:02

The HD500 is primarily a device intended for six string guitar, but it is possible to get perfectly acceptable bass sounds using it.  i have done it as have some others, but to be fair I'm not a bass player but I do know a good bass sound

People have asked about additional amp models and bass has been mentioned more than once as have acoustic amp sims.  Line 6 will be aware of these requests and hopefully they will be developing some additional amp models , but no-one knows for sure if or when they might make any additions, so we will just need to wait and see.  Line 6 will never comment on their plans for their product lines.


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