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Spider Jam III with a FBV Shortboard
by Fred_Smith on 2010-11-30 02:44:29

I'm using a FBV Shortboard MkII with a Spider Jam III and I can't seem to make any chages that I make using the USB connection stick.

I'm looking to assign the A, B, C and D switches to tones from different user banks, and not necessarily just single increments from the previous setting.

Any help out there?

Re: Spider Jam III with a FBV Shortboard
by joegillespie on 2010-11-30 04:46:55

Obviously, you don't understand how the FBV Shortboard works with a Spider Jam.

First of all, you have to understand the concept of custom USER TONES

Once you get to grips with that, you will find that the FBV Shortboard will let you change USER TONES in 9 banks of 4 tones using the A B C D and ^ and v buttons.

You can also use it to start and stop recording and playback of loops by changing the FBV MODE in the SETTINGS menu.

The volume, wah, tap tempo and tuner also work from the pedal.

The Spider Jam does not support MIDI and some of the FBV Shortboards functions are not compatible with that particular amp.

You cannot do any tone editing or manipulation with the pedal, you can only select previously created USER TONES.

Re: Spider Jam III with a FBV Shortboard
by Fred_Smith on 2010-12-03 03:44:06

That all amkes sense now - thanks

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