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Pod HD 500 connection sound problem
by datacrunch on 2010-12-04 09:52:04

Hello All,

I am having sound issues with my PodHD 500. I loose all the volume and it doesn't sound good. What would be the best way to connect it to my amp.

I have a Flextone III 2x12 and I'm connecting the pod from the amp guitar imput to the one of the mono inputs of the pod. If I change amp models on my amp I get bad buzzes and if I get a clean amp sound there is no volume. I must be hooking it up wrong.

Any suggestions?


Re: Pod HD 500 connection sound problem
by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-12-04 10:00:21


ideally you need to plug your HD500 into a DT50 amp using L6 link, a PA system, a normal guitar amp using its power amp input or FX return socket or if you really have to you need to plug it in to the front input of your amp,, which should be permamently set to the cleanest possible sound and flattest EQ settings (all tone controls at 12 o'clock) .  The amp is just an amplifier, you should not change channels on the amp when using a modeller such as the HD500.

The HD500's output mode should be set to whatever it is plugged into - so Combo power Amp, Combo front, Studio Direct etc...

Use the 1/4" mono output to supply your guitar amp.  If your amp has a CD/MP3 input, you could use that as the input and set the HD500 to Studio Direct.


Re: Pod HD 500 connection sound problem
by ozbadman on 2010-12-04 10:01:03

I am guessing you mean you connect it this way, yes?

Guitar ---> HD500 Guitar IN port

HD500 L/Mono OUT port ---> Flextone guitar IN port

Re: Pod HD 500 connection sound problem
by datacrunch on 2010-12-04 19:54:01

Hi all

Thanks for your help. I used the 4 cable method and it works great now. Till next help!!


I used this method.

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