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HD500 running hard panned xlr left and right.....or straight up
by cephas740 on 2010-12-06 22:45:51

I have a question most of the patches I use are panned left and right and we have two channels available in our PA if I want them.  However our PA has 3 speakers hung in the center of our large church building pointing down and they are all together.  There is no space between any of them.  also if it matters we some huge bass speakers on stage.  The middle speaker has what appears to be a typical square cabinet with speaker and a horn, but the the other two are like wedges connected right to it and point slightly left and slightly right (because of there shape being like a wedge).  I can't see what they have  in them based on the grill blocking my view.


2.  If not should I run two channels on center or just hard pan all the settings hard left and run the left xlr out.

Also it seems a couple users don't like the idea of stereo effects while playing live. It seems like it would be better to run both channels at 0 in case I ever was in a situation to run stereo for recording etc think if doesn't matter I would prefer to run both xlr outs even straight up as there was some talk on another forum of better sound runing both channels at 0 or straight up (i know this should'nt be the case but some folks seems to think its better)

3.  can someone explain the difference or advantage between making all patches hard left and running one xlr Left mono out VS using both left and right XLR out but setting the eq in the hd500 to straight up / 0.  Would this accomplish the exact same thing as the one hard panned left xlr out mono?

Re: HD500 running hard panned xlr left and right.....or straight up
by Crusty_Old_Rocker on 2010-12-07 03:41:45

It's nice to have patches built in stereo for recording purposes, that's what I prefer to do.  When it comes to playing live, it's usually better to lessen the stereo effect (not get rid of it all together) so the audience will hear your whole sound but you'll still have some "spatial" effect happening.  The way to achieve this is to pan hard left and right in your patch but when running the two channels to a stereo mixer have them just panned slightly to the left and right.  Doing it this way enables you to have your hard panned patches that are great for recording but you can narrow the pan when you send your signal to the mixer.

I hope this is helpful.



Re: HD500 running hard panned xlr left and right.....or straight up
by cephas740 on 2010-12-09 08:15:57

Crusty when you say slightly panned, are you saying that I should keep the HD 500 hard panned L and R, but the board Channels should be slightly Left and Slightly Right, as in 10 oclock on the BOARDs left channel and 2 oclock on the BOARDs right channel.  So even though the board is receiving the "left hard panned" signal it is really is putting the whole signal though all the speakers because (but slightly more from the left speaker)?  I am really not sure if it is a "stereo board"

Re: RE: HD500 running hard panned xlr left and right.....or straight up
by Kneehow on 2010-12-09 17:01:52


  I don't believe there's a right or wrong answer in this case, but the first thing you should find out is whether the PA system/mixing console you're running thru is operating in a stereo capacity. Assuming that it is setup to be outputting through the mains in "stereo", then you can accomplish the same thing Crusty was recommending either at your HD500 or at the FOH (front of house) mixing console.

  1. You'll be sending two output signals from the HD500.

  2. The mixer will have two channels for your HD500.

  The lazy way would be to not touch anything at the HD500 and just have your sound engineer "pan" you hard left/right in the PA mix during performance. They can control this image at the mixing console at your Church.

  It's really up to you and your ensemble to determine what sounds/feels best through your guys' setup there. A lot will probably depend on the other instruments/voices and how the sound engineer has setup the entire mix through the PA, to be honest.

  But the point is, you can leave your hard-panned settings in the HD500 alone provided that (1) you're sending two discrete outputs from the HD500, (2) the sound guy has you patched into to dedicated channels in the mixing console and (3) is willing to work with you and the ensemble to find the right panning settings to get your guitar sound to blend well with the other instruments.

  Hope my ideas helped you out somehow...



Re: RE: HD500 running hard panned xlr left and right.....or straight up
by cephas740 on 2010-12-10 22:09:42

and if it isn't truly a stereo PA setup just run both discreet channels straight up correct?  Or if we don't want to mess with the stere effects and the board is a stereo board we can just run both hard panned outputs out of hd500 into pa board running straight up and that really makes it mono is that right?

thank you

Re: RE: HD500 running hard panned xlr left and right.....or straight up
by Nick_Mattocks on 2010-12-11 05:53:19

Yes - that's right.

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