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Safely removing POD UX1
by ybeylin on 2010-12-11 10:59:12

Hey there

I've been  wondering, what is the safe way to discconect my POD?

The  'Safely remove hardware' button wont work and disabaling the POD from the "printers and devices' doesnt work either(when I plug the pod back in it wont connect if I use this way)

Just plugging it out seems to cause crashes some times

so...what is the safe way to discconcet it?

Re: Safely removing POD UX1
by amireldor on 2012-12-09 08:01:44

bump from 2010

I own the older TonePort GX. With GearBox, it worked like a charm. I could disconnect the USB cable without even shutting down GearBox. But now with PodFarm 2.5, I can't be as joyful disconnecting cables as I used to be. If I fail to turn off PodFarm and my sequencer, disconnecting the USB cable will halt the system (Windows 7 64-bit). Sometimes, even after closing the mentioned programs, disconnecting the cable just kills the world.

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