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More Channels?
by scporter on 2010-12-16 22:51:06

I have been doing sound design for Broadway-style musicals for the past 20 years (some 50 productions).  Our shows typically use 16 - 24 wireless channels (lavs).  I have one of your XD-V70 systems and test results so far have been great except for battery life.  (I'll adress that in a separate post).  We've been using UHF analog systems spread across three frequency groups, and I'm really eager to go digital.  So I have two questions here:

1. Does Line6 have plans for more than 12 channels, either as a new model with 24 channels or an alternate frequency group (or digital coding) that will provide an additional 12 channels?

2. I think18 channels will suffice for my upcoming productions of Brigadoon and Camelot.  So can the XD-V30L and XD-70L systems co-exist to provide 18 channels in the same performance space?  I guess that the 6 V30 channels will probably need to have the receivers in the stage wings as our mix position is about 80 feet distant. Unfortunately in that configuration I won't be able to see the receiver readouts from the mixer location.


Re: More Channels?
by boswell2007 on 2010-12-17 00:00:08

the V70 & V30 systems use the same channels so you can only have a max of 12 regardless of the mix of types.

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