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Backtrack+mic problem.
by Giosef on 2010-12-18 01:04:36


I just bought an used Backtrack+mic, but I suppose it be a lemon...

When I switch the unit to ON (no plug in input jack) the light turn white, but instead to turn blue to show it will be ready to record, simply turn off and the unit seems to be shut off. This happens with a jack inserted, too. I tried to perform a hard reset, but nothing happens (no blinking lights, no bells, no whistles...).

The unit is recognized both by windows XP SP3 and the utility program...

Some ideas, or it better to repack the unit and send it back to the previous owner?

Thanks...and Merry Xmas!!!!!

RE: Backtrack+mic problem.
by Kneehow on 2010-12-21 10:09:12


If this is a used device, there's a chance that the previous owner never erased recordings from the unit. If you check the properties on the Backtrack in Windows, the capacity of the device's storage space should not be near 2.0 GB (in terms of used space). If it is, there's data on it.

If this matches your scenario, look for a "MARKED" folder inside the Backtrack while it's connected as a Removeable Drive in Windows. Delete any of the .wav files in there.

If this unit was previously connected by someone to a Mac computer, there could be "hidden" Mac OSX files (typically with a ._ in the file). You might need to manually delete those files, too.

That's the only guess I can think of. Let us know if my guess was correctly.



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