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Noise in Record Out - Spider IV 15
by trammapoline on 2010-12-30 01:54:59


I'm liking the sounds out of the Spider IV 15, but am unable to record direct because of a loud, persistent noise from the record out port.  This is present even when the amp is not turned on - just plugged in to power supply.  Its pitch is roughly that of the D on 2nd string, and is at least as loud as the actual sound from the guitar at normal recording level.  It is almost independent of volume levels.  I've tried a couple of different power outlets, but no difference.  I noticed it first when plugging into my computer, but read in the forum that this is often problematic because of the mismatched signal levels for mic vs line-in, but I've also checked it with recording interfaces including the M-Audio FastTrack and get the same, which also means I can't use the record out to send to a mixing desk.

Is this an earthing problem, perhaps? If it's a fault with the amp, it's still under warranty, but if not, does anybody have other solutions to try?



Re: Noise in Record Out - Spider IV 15
by trammapoline on 2010-12-30 02:10:32

Ah, I just found the answer here:

Theproblem is indeed a ground loop.  I was running the FastTrack via USB from a computer with the same earthing as the amp; when I run the laptop on battery, no problem.  Massively relieved!  (I also tried a mic/guitar pre-amp as the intermediary, but I guess its impedence wasn't ideal, and maybe its lack of earthing was also an issue)  There is still a slight bit of noise, but it's only the low-level stuff I'd expect from most amps.

Just one short suggestion, though: if your search didn't default to searching documents only, it would be rather quicker to find stuff



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