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Virtual A/B/Y switching problems
by StonedFish69 on 2011-01-04 15:13:35

Hey they Line 6 community looking for some advice on a problem.

I am using PodFarm2 with a dual tone setup. Anytime I pick a dual tone and click the A/B switch to turn off one tone it works for about 10 seconds then I get strange static and sounds I cannot describe. If I turn both tones back on the problem goes away.

I tried to record it so you could hear it but I had difficulty capturing it. I noticed if I playback the test record and hit the A/B switch in PodFarm while it is playing the audio clip, the recorded clip will get the same distorted sounds as when I am just playing. This makes me think there is a soundcard issue or a problem with the software/hardware

I attached a sample but it sounds nothing like what comes out of the speakers when just jamming. No idea why it is different then what I can hear.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Virtual A/B/Y switching problems
by PaoloGilberto on 2011-01-06 01:06:12


I have the exact same problem!

this when Pod farm decides to work, cause most of the time when I turn on pod farm 2 the popping and cracking souns break my speakers literall (yI already opned a topic on this :-(

I am curios about a solution for A/B swithing in dual tones.

Re: Virtual A/B/Y switching problems
by StonedFish69 on 2011-01-06 12:17:22

Are you running an older PC like I am? My Pc is an old P4 and it is painfully slow at times. It hasn't effected my ability to use pod farm as a whole but maybe the fact that its so outdated could be a reason for the sound going haywire. Well after just reading some other posts from users having these problems I can say that it probably doesn't have to do with my old PC as others with brand new PC's have these or worse problems.

I believe it is the Pod Farm software it self and it is very upsetting that Line 6 does not address these problems.

From all these problems and the lack of help I believe Line 6 is not equiped to even help their customers and their software programmers are medicore at best.

They obviously have not done enough testing for these type of sound issues that are a HUGE concern especially when some people are professional musicians and they require their software/hardware to work ALL the time.

I think Line 6 should give a FULL refund to all users who have these debilitating errors. If you can't make/sell software that does not do EXACTLY what it is supposed to do then you are just selling lies and hoping that people don't complain. I have spent over $400 on Line 6 stuff and I have to say I regret it 100%.

Also no one from line 6 has addressed my problem yet so it just goes to show that they are useless and just guessing with these software issues.

So far I reinstalled Pod Farm and of course that did nothing.

Sorry to hear, you are having worse problems than me I think Paolo. I am looking to get studio monitors as well but I think I will wait until I figure this out so I don't have to worry about damaging them.

I love how they sell these DAW's and software claiming that it is studio quality when it is pretty obvious it isn't. Oh well that is just more ammunition if we ever decide to start a class action lawsuit. Maybe that will wake them up and force them to do something.

Re: Virtual A/B/Y switching problems
by StonedFish69 on 2011-01-06 12:48:06

Here is some more info on my PC. Hope this helps

See attached.

Re: Virtual A/B/Y switching problems
by PaoloGilberto on 2011-01-06 23:17:22


is't no the pc configuration, their requirements are way bellow your pc and mine, see bellow :

Pentium® IV 1.2GHZ or better

min 512 ram , 1 GB recommended

I intended to buy a new pc  I 7 , 8 GB ram, but now I think I should be buying first a new interface...cause pod farm sucks too on W 7 as I see the complaints.

I totally agree on what you said with CS support from Line, unfortunately they are not giving any help, and usually the reply is “check our tutorials…”.

Furthermore when you check those links you see it is written from the beginning “these solution were gathered from other users it may or may not be useful to you “

Although that are a lot of complaints here on their forum, and on other guitar / music  forums , they don’t seem to care or improve their applications/softwares.

For sure “the best advertise” is here on their own website, if you come across this you’ll never buy for sure pod farm and their pod studio interfaces.

As far as that MK stuff “pro recording device” …year right, show me one pro studio with their pod studio interface J))

This products are for a home user, not a pro. They are nice, affordable generally speaking but the software – POD farm sucks in terms of reliability.

A friend of mine bought for me POD UX 1 from US, I live in Romania, but I will be very interested in refund cause although I like their product I can’t use it.

For sure those money were spent on a low quality products L

Re: Virtual A/B/Y switching problems
by StonedFish69 on 2012-03-20 16:57:31

Thanks Line 6 for not addressing this at all! Just shows your company is a joke and I will NEVER buy Line 6 again! even if they do improve!

I know this is old and i upgraded my PC and it seemed to fix the problem but no thanks to technical support.

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