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Axsys 2/12
by zephead672004 on 2011-01-13 14:51:28

       I have owned an Axsys 2/12 since '96. It has always served me well & has been a very dependable workhorse! It sees the road weekly.

  I realize it is a dinosaur by todays technology standard, but it really bummed me out to learn it has been "put out to pasture"!

  Ive heard some of the newer Line 6 combo amps in the past & quite honestly, i feel that it still sounds as good or better, and has more adjustability, functionality & just plain 'more balls" than most!

  What ticks me the most is that it no longer upgradable! I was really anticipating  trying the Ax2 conversion to get into some of the new models/stompboxes. But I guess the bubble has been burst! Is my amp gonna bocome that obsolete boat anchor? I don't even wanna entertain the thought of having to sell it for next to nothing to get something that costs megabucks that wont stand up to it anyway!

  Will I even be able to get repairs if it goes down in the near future?

  Should I try to get out from under it before something goes aray? Is ther any possibillity at all of getting hold of an upgrade or conversion to expand its horizon & give it new life?  Or is it just wishful thinking?

                        HELP ANYBODY!!!          Thanks, Melvin

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