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Headphones to POD HD. ¿HI FI, Studio, open, closed...? Help me, please.
by usuario2545 on 2011-01-17 01:46:25

Hello everyone. I recently purchased a hd POD 500 and, although I have ESI NEAR 05 speakers also want a good headphones to use the POD without disturbing anyone. So far I have used Sennheiser HD 470 headphones with which sounds great, but do not know if these are the most appropriate. I think it is HI FI, open and completely covering the ear.

Looking online for a bit I've seen that there are many models (open, closed, pushing the ear, the plug completely, Hi-Fi, Studio, that isolate external sound, not ...). Here as there are experts on all these issues, Could you tell me what the best headphones to use the POD in the house?. What I want is to sound their best, to respect the maximum sound emulations, etc. (I'm not thinking at the moment to record, only to hear the best possible POD). I also wonder if some are more damaging to hearing than others, this is an issue that concerns me greatly.

I also wonder if some studio also apply to music or movies and vice versa and each model has advantages claimed for anything.

Could anyone help me?

I'll be very grateful and, incidentally, if I recommend a particular model. I can get to the hundred-odd euros.

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