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Line 6 Monkey fails to start
by musiknachtsmeer on 2011-02-05 11:12:32

I have installed the HD500 drivers, edit software and monkey as recommended. Edit software finds my HD500 OK downloads presets OK and Help, About tells me I have firmware 1.10.

When I start line monkey, I click on "I ACCEPT (and will be guided through the installation process)" as shown in ths screenshot, monkey continues tot load for a short while then for a brief moment it shows a message "Searching for all devices" as shown in the other screenshot and then closes down without warning or connecting.

I have tried re-installing. I have tried running bith Edit + Monkey separately and simultaneously, but the same happens each time. The crash log file is empty and attached.

Can anyone help me resolve this?



Re: Line 6 Monkey fails to start
by Bluestone on 2011-02-05 11:16:20


At this point it's a long shot..but if you are running sure to have all the Service Packs on board...

I would have suggested deleting all the L6 stuff on your PC...and start fresh with first loading Monkey...then hooking up your HD...and up date to any newer versions...


Re: Line 6 Monkey fails to start
by nachtsmeer on 2011-02-06 11:04:43


thanks for the reply. Yes I'm running XP with latest SP3 and updates present.

I tried uninstalling everything and deleted line 6 folder. Then tried again, first loading Mokey as suggested. Same thing happened.

I then tried using a different machine (XP laptop) and it worked first time, so I updated the HD from there.

Will have to investigate further why my music PC won't load Monkey when I get chance.



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