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Graphtech Ghost Pick Up Install
by LeeWalker on 2011-02-10 04:05:47


Last time i played my Variax 300 one of the strings was silent, and then not, then silent and then not again.

I have been reading through the forums and seen that contact cleaner might help fix this, i will try but i am not holding out too much hope on this one.

I have spoken to the service center and they will fix the problem for me but i think that this might be a weakness and i dont want to go through the pain of getting it there and done only to find out that the same thing happens again two weeks later to another pick up.

Ultimately i am likely to go down the complete replacement and switch to the Graphtech Ghosts but what i want to know is if there is an install guide on how to do this? What i mean is a proper 'easy guide' on how to get them installed, i have no idea on soldering but this might be a great opportunity to learn

Is there such a thing out there?


Re: Graphtech Ghost Pick Up Install
by amx05462 on 2011-02-10 08:16:08

no there  really isnt  for  this aplication  and  if you dont  know  how  to solder    i suggest  you send  it  out to have  that  done   you could   make  matters   worse.   its not   hard to do but  again if you dont  know  how to solder  right .   well   i would  not   tell you  to attempt  it.

Re: Graphtech Ghost Pick Up Install
by LeeWalker on 2011-02-11 01:12:51

I think i am most definately going to give it a go, it doesnt look too hard (soldering that is) and i can practice etc etc (bit like plastering but lets not go there)

I guess that step one is to take all the strings off

Step two would be to remove the bridge, looks like this is secured with four screws

Step three would be to unclip the connector from the main pcb so that the bridge can be properly worked on (when this goes back is there only one way it attachs?)

Step four would be to desolder the original wires from the underside of the bridge

After this i am lost


Re: Graphtech Ghost Pick Up Install
by amx05462 on 2011-02-11 01:29:43

yes  to the   harness connection   and yes to all the  steps  you mentioned.

from that  point    first you need to clip off  all the  plug in ends  of the graphtech  pickups     then seperate  the two wires.   this   you want to use a  litle   wire cutter  not a raxzor  blade or a blade of any  kind.  leave the  wires  long just in case..  that way  you get a second  shot  at it.

    the blue  wire  is  ground  the silver   goes  to the board.

one thing  i did before  taking  mine apart  was take  measurments  from the  front of the saddle   to the  back of the bridge  plate   and    saddle  height.  then i  got the pickups  close to the height   and   right  length  for steup  purposes.

   anyhow   put them in ther  places    withthe   wire fed  through   the  holes  the   pcb should be off the  bridge  plate  for this.   solder all the  positives  i there   place  on the pcb. at this point  i   put all the  grounds  together  on a   wire  loop connector crimped  and  soldered  this  connection.

then  the loop goes  on the screw   that  holds  the pcb in place  i used an extra  nut on this    which  holds  this  ground in place  and   at the same  time   keeps  the  other  nut  holding the pcb in place  locked  so your   string  holes   lign up. why they ran the strings  through the  pcb... i have no idea.thats  it.  id do  some  practice  soldering  as you mentioned a good  solder  joint is  usuallly  shiny by the way.

Re: Graphtech Ghost Pick Up Install
by LeeWalker on 2011-02-11 08:33:50

NIce one AMX, really appreciate the advice on this.

Before i order them i might have a look to see if i have a bad solder joint (very likely) and see if i can re-solder but i definately am going to be ordering these in the very near future, cant wait to get back in the Variax gang. I have been using the Ibanez for what seems like ages now because of this

Thanks again


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