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XT Live - LIVE!?
by Phoenix on 2009-04-21 00:22:51

Just wondering about anyone using an XT Live infront of an amp for live gigs, how do you tweak it?

ie.. do you use the xt eq and keep the amp flat, or tweak the amp too?

running my xt live infront of my 'frankenstien' vetta doesnt work well.. and i dont trust our local venues to run direct out to p/a.

how can u tweak the xt and the head to get a good output?

im considering getting hold of a Crate Powerblock to run the xt into my randall 2x12.. either that or borrow a mates Mode4..

either way.. getting a good signal from the amp is tough.. any tips?


Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by Rowbi on 2009-04-21 01:21:30

if you have a vetta, then use that instead.  it's got the same amp models as the XT... etc...

but a rule of thumb is that using the xt output modes for amp front is a compromise, because you have the amps own tone circuits getting in the way.

I would connect to a power amp return and use the power amp output modes on the POD.  at first they may sound not as good as studio direct, but trust me, try the power amp output modes for 20 minutes, and tweak a little, then try going back to studio direct... YUCK!

obviously use studio direct for use with a PA< etc.

i have a power block, but it's not ideal, as you connect ot the CD input on the PB, and it basically runs at full volume on the PB, so I found there to be a little noisey (background hiss).

if you must use front, then you need to get your amp's EQ to be flat.  that's hard when you're using guitar speakers, etc.  then after the amp's EQ is flat you can start to tweak the XT... but it is hard to get it to sound great...

this may not be of any use to you.. .but here you go: info about using the front output modes.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by rufus_marmaduke on 2009-04-21 21:21:05

I've been using the PODxt Live at gigs for about 2 years now, and I would never look back!

For most gigs, I run it straight into the effects return on my Hiwatt head. Then all I have to do is twist the master volume on my amp to control volume (obviously) and all the tone controlling is done from the POD. To my ears, it sounds awesome. When you do this, make sure the level switch on the back of the POD is set to "Line" and the POD's output mode is set to "Stack Pwramp".

Being able to use many different amp models throughout the set (or even in one song!) is, in my opinion, unbeatable. Currently I'm using the Vox AC30 for clean parts, the Fender Bassman for dirtier bits and the Line 6 Purge for lead. I'd recommend using one of the compressors when you're playing live (I use the Red Comp) as it smoothes out the overall sound, but if you've got another patch in the STOMP position, the xt's built in compressor isn't bad either.

If you haven't already, I'd also recommend looking at a Variax - they are fully programmable via the PODxt Live and sound amazing, and because they have no magnetic pickups, you can really turn up the sustain on the compressor and you'll never get unwanted noise or microphonic feed back, and those notes will go for miles!

P.S. I don't work for Line 6, but the way I just plugged their gear, I'm expecting a job offer any time soon.... 

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by Benzies123 on 2009-05-10 10:42:53

I play bass through an X3 live (Badass piece of pedal) and a Trace Elliot half stack with a 12 band preamp in the head- Since i have got the head i have only used the head's eq simply because it sounds way nicer (partly due to a valve). But my point is that go with your ear, see what sounds best to you. Personally i've always much prefered a nice amp's tone to a digital EQ.I only really use my pod for the pedal, effects, tuner and the dual tone feature - which is more useful than it sounds!

However if you want to change EQ alot during a live set i would advise using the pod's EQ, simply cause you can change it so easily in comparison.


Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by spuddyman on 2009-05-12 14:16:39

Hi Phoenix,

I have been trying to use my XT Live recently and have noticed that all of the deep 'lows' seem to be gone. When I plug my guitar directly into the amp it has a nice warm sound with slight rumble on the low 'E'.

When I use the XT Live I hear the note but the rumble is gone. I've tried to use the 32d (calibrate) patch to see if I needed to tweak the output mode settings but the straight sound is still thin.

Does anyone else have this issue? Can anyone from Line 6 comment on this?


Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by JamesKirsch on 2009-05-15 07:33:14

I have a very similar issue...I want to use the PODXTlive to switch between amp models live. However I cannot find a reliable way to run into the front of any amp. I am often using different amps/speaker setups provided by rehearsal rooms and if I tweak all my sounds for one amp/speaker, they will be waaaayy out for the next one I use.

I'm not forgetting to set the physical amps eq flat, tweak the input settings, or tweak the pod output or select the right line/norm option. I haven't forgotten about Fletcher Munson either. The difference in levels and tones from running into different physical amp/combo is quite unreasonable, especially on the distorted amp models.

I read the post above about running into the FX return. However the Marshall TSL 100 (my amp) manual says 'Also, remember that as the loops are between the preamp and the power amp, this is NOT the place for distortion type effects units.'

I did try it once before i checked the manual and it was extremely unhappy. I certainly don't want to blow anyone else's amp either.

So I'm using my POD purely as a stompbox effect chain now, which isn't ideal since I'd like to be able to switch between the studio tones I use.

Any suggestions??



Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by jwelsh on 2009-05-16 15:41:29

I use a Roland KC-350 keyboard amp. It has four channels so you can run a drum machine, a keyboard, even an iPod into it. It also has a direct out and a switch that allows you to use the amp speaker and/or the line out to the house set up. The beauty in this set up is that the Roland amp amplifies the sound and does not color it so whatever amp models you use in the XT Live will sound the same wherever you play. I play blues, rock, country, and sometimes do some jazz jamming with friends so I keep my XT Live loaded with certain models and effects set up that use regularly. I you have a good music store near you they'll let you try the set up. Regards! 

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by JamesKirsch on 2009-05-17 04:30:44

Thanks! I think maybe that is the way to go. When running into the keyboard amp what are your settings on the pod? Norm/Pad? Line/Amp? Output level? Output mode select?

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by jwelsh on 2009-05-17 18:37:42

I use 'morn', 'line', my output level is about 3/4 of the full range, and I use the 'studio direct' setting. The KC-350 has a volume control for each channel and a master volume. I like my output level to be high on the Pod so I put out enough power to the amp and the house. I can adjust the amp and the sound man can adjust the house volume. The direct out on the amp is not adjustable. I use a cable with 1/4 mono plug on one end and an XLR connector on the other. 

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by arturoastocondor on 2009-06-27 09:44:16

Hi Rufus, im Arturo, first of all im sorry for my bad english, i live in Peru, South America.         I would like to ask,,  when you plug the xt live into the effects return of the head, i mean, does it has good lows ??  i mean that im conecting the xt live into the effects return  of an amp i have,, its a KUSTOM 2x12combo. not tubes, but it sounds great with the guitar direct into the front of the amp.  But when i go with the xt live into the effects return ... the sound loses the lows, you know what i mean? i have a variax600 and its the same... really good lows direct in front of the amp... but -variax, podxtlive,effects return- it loses the lows...   I have the Combo Pwramp, and Line selected. I have the good "lows" going straight into the front of the amp, and using the xtlive just as fx... but as you said, being able to use many different amp models, is the magic here..!  so i dont know how to do... any advice?

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by fredjoan on 2009-06-29 08:48:19

well i have a laney lv300twin amp(great amp and a great price) the xt live and a fender stratocaster satin maded in mexico (good guitar too)

i known there are diferent ways to connect the pod to the amp  the best setup that work for me was on the front on the amp and, combo front on the POd

i play in a big church i a needed to go on the PAs  so a connect a cable on the FX send on the amp... to a direct box

ok sound very very good that way when i put fresh string to the guitar it sound just very good but when the strings get rusty i loosed all the tone

o my god it so frustrating

and a lot of noise with distortions and some cleans

i thought it was the guitar . but i came here and i changed my settings

ok i connect the Pod on the FX return on the amp. on the POD with the normal imput, the output is on amp

the output level tweak that to your taste i have mine in 90% not all the volume . and how i connected ond the POD is on poweramp

and i put i mic on the front of the amp

men let me tell you my tone is 100 % better i cannot drop my guitar my God 

Thanks Line 6  if there a better way to improve tellme please thanks

my english is not very good im from dominican republic

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by jwelsh on 2009-07-01 09:46:16

Yes, I believe the XT Live manual suggests putting all the controls at 12 o'clock on the amp so the amp sound is not colored. You'll only have the basic sound of the amp. I agree with another post that suggests using the power amp model and then adjusting the power amp settings in the 'XT'. With that arrangement you can set up several effect chains and store them in different banks. That way you have the same amp setting so your basic sound stays the same.

Have a great day! 

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by gjohung on 2009-07-01 11:31:49

I have on going love hate relationship with Line 6 stuff.

1) POD 2.0 ... sounds great - better than XTs... on some tones. when recorded.. I used. Roland KC- 150....a 60 watt 2 way keyboard Amp. using Long Beard. At times it will sound great. and it will sound harsh .. has that funky fizzle.. Also used into FX loop of Tech 21 Trade Mark 60... better result

2) POD XTLive - Sounds too raw compared to POD 2.0. Used in both KC-150 and TM21... similar results..

3) Then I gave up on all the digital stuff and decided to go completely analog... OCD, BB Plus, Boss Delay/Chorus into Fender DRRI.

4) Lately I evny the versatility of having many tones at my disposal.. so I wanted to combine the 2....XTLive and Tube amp into Combo Front.

Option 1: Use XTL as mod/delay stomp box.. use analog OD/Dist. such as OCD, BB, Metal Zone. - I don't think XTL accepts Stomp OD/DIst pedals well... something gets all mushed up and becomes nothing clean.. and XTL is not true bypass. I can't completely turn off XTL... Sometimes using amp sims have better results.. But as some posted here... everything sounds so shrillle and all the buttom is gone.. audio guy is complaimimng that my tone is too piercing. even if he adds low. Too much finger noise etc..

Option 2: Fender DRRI has 2 channel.. It is not a channel switching.. nothing can beat the tube tone of this amp. But I need Crunch and saturated tones also, that is where my OCD/BB comes in. Insert analg OD/Dist on channel 1 split the signal with AB (A or B/A& B) run it through XTL and insert it on Channel 2.  I may have best of both world...I have not tried this yet..

Is there anyone out there trying similar method. And also, any luck with using amp sim with clean amp like Fender DRRI.

The whole point of using Amp sim like L6 is to have many different amp at your disposal. I would like to be in the audience with those guitarist that uses L6 excluse - no traditional amp. and what kind of fold back monitor system you use to hear your self...

Thanks. all

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by jhendow on 2009-07-02 16:10:54

I'd love to hear if Line6 replies to this. My XTLive has exactly the same thing going on. It's thin and strange sounding. I've even found this is true on patches that are blank. I consider myself a pretty advanced user and it bugs me to have this unit acting up.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by gjohung on 2009-07-02 17:18:34

I guess there are many people that is totally satisfied with the LIne 6 set up. am I too sensitive? or are they compromising.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by Waltdaddy on 2009-07-05 23:31:59

Wassup man...Ive had the Xt Live for bout 4 yrs now.  I use my pod str8 out the front of the amp.  I let my pod handle all the tone by setting the eq on the amp flat (12 o' clock).  Im on tour right now playin' for Chico Debarge and Joe Thomas.  I use a Fender twin all the time..I love the tone that i get out my pod..many ppl dont think its possible to get such great tone out of it but when ppl approach me after the show and ask what im using they all are in shock...they love my tone.  It just took me yrs of tweekin to get a sound that i actually love!!  Best of luck with findin ya sound!!


Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by gjohung on 2009-07-05 23:43:05

are u using the amp sim

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by Waltdaddy on 2009-07-05 23:50:53

Yeah...i use the double verb and fender deluxe...and i put all the effects on ill post it for ya!  I did recently change the distortion a tad...i brought it up to 70 % i believe. 

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by DarkZenGuitar on 2009-07-12 09:55:14

Each amp and especially the speaker cabs have a huge effect on the sound.  Speaker cabs can make your sound thin or rumbly..or perfect.

I don't use Marshall 1960 cabs because the bass response is so much greater than a lot of cabs.

What kind of cabs are you playing through? Open back cabs tend to sound thin and shrill for my settings.

I find you have to decide on a rig and then tweak to that rig.  Every time you change rigs, tweaking is involved.

Personally, I just use the Studio Direct mode and tweak all my tones so they sound best.  I find that gives me the most consistent sound, in case I have to change some aspect of my rig.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by gjohung on 2009-07-13 10:15:51

I found a bargain at Best Buy... they started selling Musical instruments.

I bought a "demo" mackie SRM 150


I did a church gig at Palm Springs over the weekend.. it was a strip down mobile band.. so we couldn't take too much gear.. I plugged my Tele into XTlive and into Mackie SRM 150....send an XLR to house PA.. it was perfect.. great sound. especially the Deluxe Rev model..and AC 30s.. even plexie sounded good.. Variac Marshall was too buzzy.. I had to turn down the drive a bit.. actually over all most OD and Dist sounded too buzzy..  I had to turn down the guitar volume for during the performance adjustment.. for tele crunch over drive.

On the home front (home church) .. I still want to use my Fender DRRI and want to use the set up posted here.. I never shared a setting - but I will try. I have tweeked my setting with Gear Box before so it should work. I think I can assume that setting to Fender TR is very similar to DR.

Yesterday, I brought the same set up as Palm Springs.. since it worked great.. I found that the SRM is under power to cut through the band with all the fold backs going.. My guitar got lost - at least on stage volume.. My PA was able to control my level adequently over the house PA.. I asked him send the sound back to my monitor. then it sounded too bassy from the floor monitor. They did a low cut...but according to them distortion sounds piercing through house PA... I guess my guitar channel trip on main console shares EQ with main out and aux out..

Struggling.. However on stage.. I think SRM sounds much better than my Roland KC 100. which is a 12" + a horn.. It lacked the warmth and lacked punch.. I am going to try my humbucker guitar (PRS & Epi Casino - ala 335) this week..)

I will keep you guys posted.. 

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by drmike33 on 2009-07-17 22:58:14


try turning up the noise gate

it worked for me

also you have 2 outputs send one to your amp and the other to the PA

see if that helps



Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by arturoastocondor on 2009-07-18 15:33:55

Hey Waltdaddy, and what about, the What are you conecting to... setting?  i mean what do you chose.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by gjohung on 2009-07-20 12:27:47

My own review of my set up..

See my previous posting or... PRS Custom 22 - XTLive - into Mackie SRM 150 - XLR out to House PA.

So far it is working great... due to SRM 150's small 8" speaker... there is no bottom. I have to trust that the House is getting good sound our of my XTLive. the 8" scpeaker is for my monitor only.. So as long as I am comfortable with sound comming out of Macjiw I am good.

There is 2 points to using XTL live..

1) Your on stage tone.

2) The sound that goes out to PA.

ALthough with good transperant amp... and even mic it..(ala SM 57)


I saw some youtube video on new Mesa Boogie MkV.. OMG....I want that amp...or that amp tone from my that possible..what is a good Mesa Boogie Modeling ...that is inside XTL... I know there are like MK1.. and Rectifier.. model...

Thanks all

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by gjohung on 2009-07-24 01:02:02

Just came back from rehearsal.

Same set up... it sounded terrible tonight.. I don't know why. I was at the rehearsal early to dial in more tones.. It sounds great alone.. but when I play with the band... and when my signal is fed through main PA and Monitor.. the low became flabby. sounded like a for lack of better description like a fart. neck pick up sound was useless.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by cigarras on 2009-08-03 06:04:45

I have a problem with sound of my xt live. In phones is fine, but in stage the sound is complitly diferently, the pod is direct plug in to PA, the sound have no corp and is very hi and low and is no "fat" or full. y try to change the eq. but this not solve the problem, can you help me? the pod is in direct mode (tone correction). this hapening more in distortion, is very agressive. thank.

sorry the errors.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by gjohung on 2009-08-03 10:01:26

I posted here that I am having a love hate relationship with Line 6.. one day it will sound good.. then it sound crap. Last week I went back to my full analog setup... well not completely....

Fender EJ Strat - EB Vol - OCD - BB Plus - split via Morley AB into 1) dry - Fender DRRI 2) Wet - TC Electrotics G- Major. Control with Tech 21 Midi Midi Mouse to change G-Major's patch. and I have Boss FU switch for tap tempo..'s the tone that are in heaven... I played with no effects or semi-acoustic type section and my Fender Strat and DRRi really chimed like a bell. I don't think I can get that with XTL..and when I kicked in my OCD for crunch rhythm. Using BB Plus for sweet singing lead tone.. I could kick in OCD and BB for almost Mesa-Boogie type heavy saturated OD.  Ok I admit that there are lot of wires...more wires ugg.. But it was worth it... I am micking this set uo with Seheizeer 609.

The feeling of cranked up amp is pure heaven..


I might come back to Line our rehearsal room there is Flextone 3...with shortboard.. Good enough nice tones.. Some one tore the speakers so I replaced them with cheap Eminence ($30?)

So I am it a hate mode now with Line 6..


Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by gjohung on 2009-08-03 10:10:09

Here is the image of my pedal board - simple...

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by jwelsh on 2009-08-05 10:22:01

I have found that I have to have output level set around '7'. Anymore and my clean sounds get distorted. My son and I were making some adjustments on it for some sounds we were trying to get. I forgot to go back to my original settings and left the output on '10'. Every sound I use was distorted but when I backed it down to 7 it cleaned up nicely. Be sure the Normal/Amp switch is set to Normal if you are going direct to a PA system. If that switch is on Amp the sounds will be distorted. I think you have to adjust the EQ at the front end, not the individual amp EQ to get the sound right for the PA system - sound checks are very important.


Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by jwelsh on 2009-08-05 10:38:44


Nice set up! I found that you may have to adjust the EQ for the overall sound, not the Amp model EQ for the environment you are playing in.


Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by Waltdaddy on 2009-08-05 11:25:40

Hey man...sorry it took so long to reply...i use the combo amp setting with the lows and highs flat...focus is on 350hz. I plug it str8 into the front of the amp of choice is the blackface fender twin on the road.  I set all the eq on the amp @ 12:00....usually its perfect there but sometimes it might sound a lil dull depending on the amp.  If thats the case ill turn up the treble on the amp a tad bit!!  Hope this helps!!


Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by cigarras on 2009-08-09 07:27:07

thank you, my problem is parcial fixed. the pod was in amp i switch to normal and the sound is best. but the rage of sound keep going, y will try to control the front eq, thanks.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by vibeboy on 2009-08-19 18:10:15

How does the XTL sound going into a spider 2 or 3? You would expect

It's almost easier to find a used line 6 amp than a used kybd amp.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by jwelsh on 2009-08-20 07:48:27

Never ran it through a Line 6 amp. The Spider III's are on sale now since Line 6 introduced the Spider IV.


Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by doopeyduk on 2009-09-21 16:58:30

Try running through a bass amp. I plugged my Squier/XT Live Combo into my church's Hartke 100 wat head  and it blew the back of my head off.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by feedingjoey on 2009-10-08 12:11:12

Hopefully someone at line 6 is reading these because the subject seems to be pretty consistent.  Hopefully that person can post some suggestions here. I think all of our problems have to do in some part with Fletcher Munson. The trick is how do we compensate for it. Because there are so many of us with such unique combinations of equipment that could be a real challenge. But it seems to me that other companies have solved this problem. So that being the case, Line 6 it's time to pay serious attention to what I'm going to say. I am a local working Musician. I play for money at least once a week and when business is good 5 or 6 times a week. I've been doing this for 25 years. I play covers. That means I have to sound like 50 different artists a night. Versatility is something that is essential to my rig. Consistency is also essential. I have to sound the same night after night, room after room. I have 3 rigs. 2 of which work great 1 which does not. Guess which one? The rigs were designed for ease of use. Rig one was retired when rig 2 came along and now I want to retire rig 2 but can't just yet.

Rig 1:

Boss VF-1 - Used only for Tone Modifiers (Wah, EQ, Acoustic Sim etc.)

TC Electronic G-Major (Used for Time Modifiers, Delay, Flange Chorus etc.)

Tech 21 Sansamp PSA1 (ANALOG amp modeling pre amp)

Controlled by Behringer FCB1010

I run direct to the PA - But because the PSA 1 has multiple outs I also send a signal to a Tech 21 Power Engine 60 for stage monitoring.

This set up works great all the time in every venue and situation. Sound is totally consistent night after night.

Rig 2:

Boss GT Pro

Behringer FCB 1010

I run direct to the PA - But because the GT Pro has multiple outs I also send a signal to a Tech 21 Power Engine 60 for stage monitoring.

This set up works great all the time in every venue and situation. Sound is totally consistent night after night.

Then I bought a Variax for its superior Acoustic guitar simulations and workbench tuning variations...

Rig 3:

Line 6 POD XT Live

I run direct to the PA - But because the POD has multiple outs I also send a signal to a Tech 21 Power Engine 60 for stage monitoring...and there in lies the problem. You can't tell the POD to set the Left output to power amp and the right to Studio Direct. But that's not the real problem here. Read on...

Why the Tech21 Power engine? Because it's just a power amp and a speaker. It doesn't color the tone. But I could plug either Rig 1 or 2 into the front of any amp in any rehearsal studio and not have a problem. Yes the tone might change a bit, but I wouldn't have a PROBLEM!

The PROBLEM that I encounter with every the line 6 product I've used (except the Bogner which Doug Bossi turned me on to) is that the cleans seen to cut through fine, but the distorted channels disappear in the mix. This isn't new to me. I've been trying to use line 6 products for years and encountered the same issues with the AX, Flextone and Vetta Products. YES I've tried all the different output settings I've tweaked to my hearts content. BUT when you’re paying $40 and hour for studio time you can't spend an hour of your bands time tweaking your friggin rig every time you encounter a new amp. That money would be better spent buying someone else’s product that works straight away. Last week at rehearsal I plugged into a Marshall half stack, made the appropriate output changes to the XT, set the amp flat (everything at 12 o’clock) and proceeded to play. When I punched up a distortion patch you couldn’t hear me at all. I mean literally it was like I turned off the amp. So I cranked the Marshall to full volume (have you ever done that in a small rehearsal space?) Anyway then I blended in the mix pretty well except when I switched back to a clean tone and made everyone's ears bleed in the room. Again this is the same with all the line 6 products I've tried. In interviewing the guys in pretty much all the cover bands in So Cal I can't find anyone using Line 6 products (other than the stomp boxes) due to the same issue. So I don't think it's just me having the problem. Line 6, I would think you should be concerned if the majority of working musicians in you hometown feel this way. We're the guys who are teaching at the local music stores, we're the guys manning the accessories counter at Guitar Center and we're the guys telling the new up and coming kids what to buy. We're also the guys walking around NAMM discussing our rigs and influencing YOUR Buyers.  So maybe I'm doing something stupid and I don't know how to use my gear but....... Line 6 or Line 6 community I NEED to resolve this problem. I really want to use the Line 6 gear but if I can't resolve the problem it's back to the Boss Rig and No Variax.

Thanks for your Help.


Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by JamesKirsch on 2009-10-09 03:49:04

Here here. I have the very same problem with patch levels when running into different amps.

I've built patches at live practice room level and tweaked like never before. I'm starting to wonder if my PODXT Live is just a home practice toy rather than the budget but extremely effective multi channel-switching solution I was sold on when I bought it.

Can we have a response please Line 6?

James, London UK.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by thomasdgolden on 2009-10-24 08:07:51

Ya know, I am in the same boat here.

I set up fine and dandy when I am at home through the headphones, and I have Marshall AVT at rehearsal, everytime I am home I am great.

THE SECOND I got to rehearsal and played with my singer just doing some parts he was like "dude what happened to your sound?"

Then after 30 minutes of holding everyone up my Line 6 is now a guitar tuner.

Now I did the settings as per the user manual and I HOPE it makes a diffrnce but after reading all these posts I guess I am going to have to back to my stomps.

Sad huh?

I thought my days of all the boxes were gone when I listened to the headphones.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by feedingjoey on 2009-10-24 10:42:38

Hey Guys,

This is a really serious issue. Line 6 says they have all these pro's using the equipment and I'm sure ' the case. I would imagine that line 6's Artist relations guys are right on any issue that a big name guy might have. I'd also imagine they get a solution to the problem pretty quick. That being said I'll bet our issue has come up and there is a solution to the problem. The main issue here is that Line 6 is ignoring us little guys. I've contacted "Line6miller" and received no reply, If left feedback for the product Manager and received no reply. I called Tech support who told me to dial back the drive or gain. Well Duh! The clean stuff cuts through. So if I take my distortion patches and remove the distortion... Nice to see Line 6 hires the handicapped! I've offered to bring my rig to them in Calabasas, I've invited them to my rehearsals to see the issue first hand and I've got no reply.

No Reply after No reply is not acceptable.

So I guess its time to break out the big guns. NAMM is in January and I figure if we hit them where it hurts maybe they'll sit up and pay attention. I'm thinking I may print up some T-Shirts to have guys like us wear on the show floor that the say something like BOYCOTT LINE 6 - NO USER SUPPORT.

LINE 6- we're pissed and we want some help!

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by guitarest on 2009-10-24 19:12:41

I do the same with the XT Live with either my 5150 head or the Tech21 Trademark60 depending on the size of the gig. My bass player is the most vocal about this setup. First he was against using the unit now he will not leave me allow and even wants to use it... I just perchased a X3 Live and we all can't wait till we get together (2morow) and I can't wait to gig with this unit.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by gjohung on 2009-10-25 07:26:16

So Guitarest..

Is your band for or against using XTLive..

As I posted in this forum before.. I have love hate relationship with Line 6.. I own POD 2.0, POD XTlive, I have access to Line 6 Flextone..III and I have POD farm plug ins and also have Variax 300

For most part recording with POD is great... there are some sweet tones... and I have been very happy...

For Live.. I have used POD 2.0 through Roland KC 100.... a keyboard full range 2 way amp.. It sounds great alone... but when I am in the band situation it just ge mushed I got XTLive... through TradeMark 60 ... connected into FX Loop in.. so using only the Power of TM60... I am not sure this is same as using Power Engine 60....TM60 has XLR out and that goes to the house PA. I have tried going direct from XTLive House sounded so shrille... and thin...Again it sounds great.. love the fact that I have millions of sound at my finger/toe tips. But when performing with the band something does not cut through.

I went back to normal way to live...EB Vol - Vox Wah - OCD - BB Plus - into TM60 - FX loop has TC G-Major..  XLR out to house perfect sound - basically one "style" of tone,, with 2 OD pedals I have some what flexibility. But I am stuck with one "style: of set up.  TC-Major does help a bit..

I really want to use XTL Live.. carry all the tones and effects that I set up at home live...


Is there anyone using computer based guitar plug ins live. such as Waves GTR.. NI Guitar Rig.. or PT Eleven....

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by JamesKirsch on 2009-10-26 09:26:24

I think the answer is this: You can get a PODXT live to work and sound good through the front of many amp/cab setups, but that you will need to setup each individually and this takes a considerable amount of time and tweaking.

That means you can't just rock up to a gig, plugin to a borrowed amp, tweak a few settings and go. Line 6 literature implies that you can, but lets look at how you would...

If you have 20 patches and the levels are all over the shop simply because you're using a different amp/cab, then how do you change this during a 15 minute soundcheck (and lets face it some of us are lucky to get 10mins). Not to mention that you'd have to change all the levels on all the patches AFTER you've tweaked the line/norm, decided whether to use the FX return on the head, set the output level, set the output mode and tweaked the tone correction controls.

Can Line 6 please stop ignoring us and offer up some solutions. You must be reading these posts!!!

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by feedingjoey on 2009-10-26 10:57:28

James you pretty much hit it square on the head. And your right Line 6 does imply that the product will work in any situation. Here's where I'm at. I just split up a band that I was using the BOSS GT Pro in. In that band I used only 4 basic tones. An acoustic simulation, a funk clean, a crunchy tone and a full blown distorted tone. I then colored those tones with effects. I also programmed the occasional special tone where a song would require it. That worked great for the situations we were playing. The new band I've formed is going to require that altered tunings be used and tones be as close to the original songs as possible. The logical solution is to us my Variax for this task. So I bought an XT Live to pair up with it. I'm lucky enough to own the PA we play through. So I dialed in the first 20 patches or so through headphones and then fired up the PA and tested them through it as well. The PA sounded very close to the Headphones with the exception of the Variax acoustic guitars. Keep in mind I was doing this alone without the band. Anyway since it looked like everything was going to work out good with the new rig we decided to start rehearsing. At rehearsals we don't bring our PA. We just rent an equipped studio, plug in and get down to business. NOW keep in mind that I've used line 6 gear before and encountered the same "distorted patches disappearing" issue. The reason I decided to go with line 6 again is that the literature implies that the issue had been resolved. Even the device has options built into it to counter the issue. So I trusted that it would work. Well it didn't and rehearsal was a waste of time. So we tried again at a different studio with different amps. Same problem. Upon our third outing the band basically said that line 6 rig has to go, it doesn't work. So I'm back to using the GT PRO, stopping to retune my guitar and picking up an actual acoustic. This simply sucks. I'm now looking at the Graph Tech Ghost pickup system as a solution to the acoustic and tuning problems but that also means buying some even more expensive midi outboard gear and I'm seriously considering a Fractal AX FX Ultra as the processor.  I don't really care what it costs. These are the tools required for me to do my job.  I'll spend whatever I need to get the right tool for the job because it's essential to me being able to make a living. Because of my past experience with line 6 I bought a used XT Live off eBay so my risk would be minimized. I'm glad I did. But my keyboard player was so impressed with what I was doing with the XT at home he went out and bought a new X3 (which BTW we discovered has the same issues and the build quality is crap compared to the XT.)

Line 6 I don't really care who's product I use. I just want something that will work. I will sing the praises of who ever I end up with. So at this point I'm "Daring" you to come out of the house and play with me in the street. Show me what your product can really do or you can just stay inside and show everyone else here that your too afraid to come out because your product doesn't actually do what you say it will. What's it gonna be?

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by feedingjoey on 2009-10-26 11:19:14


I use NI Guitar Rig 3 Live on occasion. It sounds and works great but the laptop just makes me too nervous to use at a club environment. I'm always worrying about it crashing (which it never has) or someone stealing it or it getting bumped, broken or spilled on. I do use it for a Sunday morning church gig that I do on occasion with my Variax and it is really impressive. I split the signal there too. One to a DI box into the house PA and one into my Tech21 Power Engine 60. Just for the record my distorted patches DON'T disappear in the mix!

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by guitarest on 2009-10-26 12:08:33

Actually I am more against it than they are; my bass player loves it. The singer (also a guitar player) thinks both are great units (XT/X3 Lives) One thing for sure is I do my homework prior to the gigs and set all the levels, and the tone, overdrive, and any effects prior. I grew up in the Gotta have real glass for real overdrive era. And I normally use the pods for recording (at least the Xt Live) and I love it for that alone. But what I have found myself doing now is in the band I am covering so many different ranges of over drive/tone that my 5150 just can't cover it all without help. A great example is Creep (Radiohead) it starts with a pretty chorus clean guitar and not a minute into it you have a huge wall of in your face sound. Then our next song on the set list is Sweet Home Ala, so totally different tone on the guitar. So if I'm not playing the Variax I use mainly my Ibanez RG550, Presteige guitars to have many different examples of guitar natural tone (Hum vs sgl coil). So its the band who originally forced me to use the Pod XtLive at practice and with the X3 and all its additional patches I use just one bank of 4 for majority of the tunes we play. 18a-18d I have a few specialized banks in 19, but these are for specific songs like 19a is my personal for "Run like hell" and a few with the Variax.

I love my X3

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by jwelsh on 2009-10-26 14:15:59

Sounds like problems placing the XT Live in front of an amp. I have found that in different settings the output of the XT Live needs to be adjusted. I play in two different situations each week. One requires the output to be set at 3 o'clock and the other requires the output to be set at 5 o'clock. Plus, at home if I record I have to set the output at 12 o'clock. I did go through 8 customs settings that I use regularly and set the channel volumes so that each one is very close to the same level. I did this with a sound man on the board so he could tell me what the meter was showing that way we have the individual levels all equal. I also go through a direct box when feeding the XT Live direct to the house PA. If I go through a 1/4 to XLR cable the sound level drops off dramatically. Again in settings where I use an amp I use the Roland KC-350. It just amplifies the sound and doesn't color it. I have tried the XT Live in front of amps and found that you have to turn the amp section off and stick to the effects only. I hope this info helps. Regards! 

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by gjohung on 2009-10-26 14:22:24


I am running it through FX return or TM60... just using the Power Amp.. Select Combo direct in... which turns off speaker Sim.. and it is basically Line 6 pre-amp and TM60 power amp.. I have also used KC 150... lower powered version of KC 350.. also I have also used Mackir SMC150... a small 8 inch full range monitor.. in all cases... XLR going into PA.

Trust me I tried all method.. Line 6 XTL sound crap for live..


Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by feedingjoey on 2009-10-26 16:50:24

Yea Jwelsh The problem does seem to be with putting the XT live in front of an amp. But I am afraid I'll have the same issue through just the PA. Yes, that's right, after all this posting I haven't played live through the PA. Let me esplane. Like Guitrest I too do my homework. All my patches are created in cans and then I push them through my PA for a double check...alone in my house. I get the sound right BEFORE I show up to practice. That way I'm not wasting everyone's time. But if I'm losing the distorted patches because of the frequencies from the other instruments in the band then I can tweak all I want at home and never get the tone to cut through. It's almost like I need to set up rehearsals where they play and I just tweak until I figure out how to get it to cut through.

The way this normally works in my bands is that we hit the studio to get things tight first,  then just before we're gonna hit the road we set up our PA system, do a dress rehearsal through it and make any final tweaks. I'm using a Yamaha 01V96 Digital mixer so it's real easy to just store the set up and recall it at any time. Then when we get to the venue all I need to do is a few EQ tweaks on the FOH and we're golden. My band uses the set it and forget it method. Once we balance everything out on the mixer you mark your gear and never change the settings. That way we sound the same night after night and we're not chasing after everyone's urge to turn up. If you do turn up it's obvious and someone in the band will rearrange your testicles.

All that being said I think the solution (for me anyway) is get the studio for an extra 2 hours so I can set up and tear down the PA. Then play through it and tweak the night away until I get it the way I want it. Step 2 would be to get everyone using in-ear monitors and remove the amps from the picture all together. The bands really gonna love me for putting them through this. The other down side to this is that I can't just grab my XT and head down to the local Jam night. My rig will be dialed in for my setup only. So when those Jam night musicians ask what I'm using I'll be sure to point out my BOSS GT-PRO in the 2 space rack. Or maybe I'll sell that and get one of the Line 6 Bogner amps. But Line 6 will have to chime in and acknowledge that we have a problem here and offer us some solutions before I go throwing any coin in their direction.

I also use DI boxes to feed the signal to the mixer. And I too set my levels off the meters on the mixer.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by DKSears on 2009-11-02 17:12:10

I have been using both an xt Live and subsequently an x3 Live through both our church's house PA and through a Peavey CS200 amp and my Marshall cabinet.  Both work fairly well.  The Peavey is only 80 watts and has a fairly flat response which makes it pretty much like portable PA just for the x3 Live.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by feedingjoey on 2009-11-02 17:34:42

Thanks for the input DK. Can I ask how much "distorted" stuff are you playing at church? And would it be possible to a get couple of your distorted patches (both for the XT and X3) that seem to cut through the best? I'd like to see how close our settings are and If I can get your patches to cut through when I'm playing. For all I know maybe there's something wrong with my unit. But I find that hard to believe for the XT AND X3.

Thanks again for the input.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by DKSears on 2009-11-02 18:26:31

For a normal church service, we keep things pretty light on the distortion.  My sounds for this situation are based on the Blackface Deluxe, Vibroverb and Boutique Overdrive #1 (I think) on the x3 Live and SOLO 100 set light on the drive level on the xt Live.

On the side, I play in a cover band that plays Third Day, Chris Tomlin, Todd Agnew and Jeremy Camp songs.  I use many of the same patches, but include a stompbox distortion in front of the amp model.  I'll try to upload a couple of the tones in the next day or two.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by gjohung on 2009-11-02 18:37:15

I would really love to be in the audience to hear what works well really means.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by DKSears on 2009-11-02 19:51:46

The big thing that I have found that helped me is consistency and moderation.  I took time to set up the majority of my tones with one rig at a time.  Using my wireless, I will either run through our church sound system while standing in the middle of the worship center and set the EQ flat on my mixer channel and adjust the tone controls on the amp model to get what I want.  I will then copy those tones to another bank and run the same process through my other set up using the Peavey and Marshall 4X10.  I have several guitars and make minor tweaks based on which one I am playing, but not very often or much.  I seem to have found a pretty happy medium with my gear and like the way my different guitars interact with the tones that I have set up.

I use quite a few lower gain settings and not very much in the way of effects.  A little chorus and reverb and the occasional stompbox distortion or compressor.  I do not use a lot of wild effects set ups.  The Peavey and Marshall rig are neutral enough that they allow me to run the cabinet emulations as well.

I have been complimented on my tone many times.

My big problem is that the same settings that I used on the xt Live do not work the same on my x3 Live, but I am learning to adapt to this.  I have just had to re-think where I build my tones from as far as which models I use.  (I just started a different thread on this subject over in the support area)

When I used the xt Live I found that it was most useful to have a direct box that has a direct out that allows the XLR to run to the board and the direct out to the amp that I am using for a stage monitor.  This feeds exactly the same sound from the POD to both the FOH mixer and the monitor amp.  On Sunday mornings, the pastor likes a clean stage and I get my sound folded back through the stage monitors, the singers may not like it, but it is what we have to work with, since we are small church.

To be truthful, I use the x3 Live because it gives me the flexibility I need for the different styles I have to play (I use it to preamp my acoustic as well).  If I could play my Astroverb at full volume and keep the clean in it, I would most of the time.  At bedroom / studio levels, it has one of the best clean tones, I have heard in that type of amp.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by jukejointjimmy on 2009-11-22 09:08:05

My stage setup, which works really well and always seems to get tone compliments from other players, is a Keely compressor into POD xt Live, to direct box into FOH mix. If I'm not using in-ear monitors I run a 1/4"through" line from the direct box into a JBL EON 10" powered monitor. FOH sounds great as does my monitored sound!! I think the Keely compressor adds some "real amp" feel to the direct sound. My meat and potatoes patches utilize the Bomber (Bogner model) with very low gain for clean and "hair" patches and the SOLO 100 (Soldano model) for my big hi-gain tones. I love the portability, rugged construction, and great pallette of sounds the xt Live offers. I have traveled with it for 5 years all over Europe, the Caribean, and here at home without a single failure.....I do keep a Pocket Pod in the gig bag for an emergency back-up (I'm a good boy scout)! Looked at the X3 when it came out, but my xt Live still works well and I like it's size, switches, and construction much better.


Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by arby810 on 2010-03-01 05:04:06

I use an XTL, and finally settled on these setups...

At home, I bought some powered monitors, because I was fighting too much latency when I tried to hear things through my Mac with external speakers.  I have some JBL 2P monitors, and have just plugged in from the output jacks of the XTL into the speaker's inputs.  I didn't want to take up too much room on my desk space, so the JBL's fit the bill nicely,

At church, I tried MANY setups, much frustration, and far too much "tweaking" mixed with bouts of inconsistency.  I had a Peavey Classic 30, a great little guitar amp in it's own right, but not enough flexibility for the way I play on different songs.  So I needed to stick with the XTL, but playing through the Peavey just added too much distortion, had too much trouble getting a clean sound.  I read through some of the columns on here, and found a lot of people playing through the PA, but I wanted to have some stage volume because I play right next to our drummer (good, but LOUD).  I play both electric and acoustic, but not both in the same service...  so I bought a Genz Benz Shenandoah acoustic amp (basically, it's just a PA), and now get a LOT more clarity out of the XTL, no matter which flavor of patch I'm using.  Was lucky enough to have found the Genz Benz used at the Reno GC, so that helped price-wise ($400).

Look at some of the blogs here about the atomic amps, and you'll see the direction that I took off in.  A good acoustic amp really fits the bill for someone who is going to be using a modeler, and will double nicely when you're just playing an acoustic in a mellower setting.

Happy hunting.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by ivanpetrucci on 2010-03-17 10:45:05


Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by palmettojeff on 2010-03-21 18:19:36

Okay, here's my two cents....I have been playing guitar for 28 years, and professionally for about 20.  Like most of you, I am a gear junkie and have been chasing great tone FOREVER.  I have owned about every brand of amplifier made including lots of digital "modeling" types, vintage fenders, boutique custom hand-wired stuff, etc.

I also bought the original AXSYS 212 that Line 6 came out with...the first pod, the pod 2.0, and the pod XT. (you get the picture)  The pod stuff seems convenient for recording and practicing quietly, but in live situations, they have always sounded extremely thin and fuzzy and basically useless.  What it boils down to, is that the technology behind the speaker simulated outputs is quite flawed.  I have spent countless hours trying to eq the fatness and/or thickness back in, and just haven't been able to achieve good results.   I have played in some large churches over the years, and have recently settled in to a brand new church near my home.  GREAT room, and sound system, but they really want us to try to play direct (my biggest nightmare)...anyway, i've done some research and read that Lincoln Brewster is playing through the new X3 Live  direct into the PA system.....Okay, first of all, Lincoln is one of the most amazing guitarists in Contemporary Christian music (or any music, for that matter), and his tones are absolutely KILLING!!!!   He is a very accomplished recording producer/engineer, so I'm sure he knows how to get great tones.  Either, he is (A) using some additional outboard mic preamps, speaker simulators, eq's, etc; (B) is completely lying about his live rig; or (C) he really has figured out the way to program these things to sound good through a live PA system.  I'm sure it has to do with completely rolling off extreme lows, highs above 7k or so, and really beefing up the mids to cut through the mix.    Perhaps someone at Line6 knows him and could chime in with some suggestions, or possibly have Lincoln Brewster himself give us some tips!!???

I am about to have the church purchase an X3 Live for me, but am having serious doubts about playing it direct....I will keep you all updated.   you can see a few clips of my playing to get an idea of the tones I like by searching youtube for jefbateman  (yes, one "f")

Cheers and Happy Tone Hunting!!!!

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by JamesKirsch on 2010-03-21 19:23:56

Everyone. Forget it. You might get decent tone from a PODXT Live through a certain amp/cab but the chances are very low and stacked heavily against you. Your chances of tweaking the sounds in the minutes you get for soundcheck are almost none existent. The only way to ensure you get a decent sound are to spend time with a particular amp/cab you use every time. Which totally undermines against the 'plug and play' many of us were sold on by Line6.You'd be far better off investing in a quality and reasonably versatile amplifier and channel switching system, plus of course a car to shift your gear around.

I've spent countless hours/sessions trying to make my PODXT live work live. I can get a good sound, but it takes forever and will sound seven shades of shit when I plug into a different amp/cab or change from FX loop to front end. There is good reason for this and it explains my next point.

We've had no feedback from Line6 on this thread because there is no easy solution.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by BigWave on 2010-04-01 13:48:13

The answer to Lincoln's setup is C. He dailed in his sound on the XTL. You can go to his site and get the settings. I know this because I helped get him setup and run through our sound system. It sounded great. I use an XTL at church and it works fine. You are at the mercy of the sound guy (often a volunteer with no training) but that effects everything anyway. We have a nice 10k watt R/C/L system that will make what ever it gets louder. Very little coloration. I setup my patches through headphones on my Mackie 1202 and practice with CDs through M-Audio monitors. Then at church I remind the sound guy to leave my channel flat. If tone needs tweaking, tell me and I'll get it. We use in-ear monitors which is not my favorite but it works. You don't want to judge tone with those.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by indyj_son on 2010-04-12 12:55:18

I'm using a POD XT and have run into the same issues. My goal in getting it was to save lugging around my tube stack for smaller venues.

The hope was that I could run direct to the board and then plug in some earbuds the the pod for personal monitoring.

Clean = fine

Distortion for hard rock = mushy fizz

Now I will say that I've found it is damn near impossible to dial in a good distortion sound sitting in your basement no matter what you are using. You almost always have to be with the band. (For me at least) it just seems too hard to "hear" what frequencies are going cut through and which are going to get stomped by the bass and drums. Ironically enough, what sounds good with the rest of the band, often sounds like ass when you are playing alone.

Things get complicated by the fact that most people don't have a PA setup in their living room to experiment with sounds.

My gut feeling is that it is very possible to get a good direct to the PA distortion sound, but you really need to dial it in with an actual PA and playing with the other guys in the band. This is a pain, but it is probably the only way go.

I wish the folks at Line6 would be a bit more sensitive to this. Typically all I hear is "set the output type to blah.." That just doesn't do it. It would be nice to include more info on tweaks for just this situation or even a preset made especially for going live to the PA. If it's there, I have not found it.

That being said, I wonder why more attention is not given to this issue. So many working musicians would love to be able have all the tone they need without lugging aroung a huge rig. Most weekend club players would embrace the easy of setup and breakdown of just being able to plug to the PA and go. It could be a huge selling point!

Going to work on this a bit more tomorrow at practice. Maybe the "eq fizz tweak" will work. If I find anything out or discover some magic settings, I'll post them.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by rmbship on 2010-04-28 15:12:53

My solution that helped immensely was to get an EQ pedal (I just have the cheap 7band Danelectro one) that I run after the XTL, so I can tweak it on the fly or at least quickly during sound check.  I end up having to really roll back the extreme highs/lows and boosting the mids way up if I am playing heavily distorted patches.  Then, when I switch to a clean patch, I either turn off the EQ pedal or roll back on the mids while I'm playing.  It's a pain to have to worry about, but it works.  Also, I use a Tech 21 PE60 as the amp and keep the EQs on it flat.

I also gave up on using completely different patches for every song.  I've cut it down to between 5-10 that I use for everything, and that makes it a whole easier to keep everything balanced and not get overwhelmed with tweaking.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by melodicolatino on 2010-05-02 10:36:09

What works for me is setting the xtl to studio mode and connecting it to the back line input of my amp bypassing it's preamp. I tried the "Combo Pwramp" mode of the xtl but didn't like the sound so I switched to "Studio Mode" and loved it. Cleans are superb, and distortions are the bomb. That's the only setting that works for me. Tried in front of the amp too but didn't work, tried through a PA but you are at the mercy of the person behind the mixer.

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by fredjoan on 2010-05-13 09:04:03

I have 2 years with the POD xtlive and i tried all the settting posible. and the best that works for me is connecting the pod in the front of my amp. i select in front of a amp in the POD. -35 lows -400 focus -40 highs. i set the output in line... the trick is you need a powerful amp 90w or more. mine have 120w

i set the volume in 7. bass 3 mid 3 highs 6.

i dont use simulated  amps in the pod. i disable the amp. and raise the volume bypassed.

i have really good result. my rig is a mim strat. with seymour duncans. laney lv300twin amp and the xtlive

i play in a very large church. i get a lot of compliments of my sound. this its the best way to use the pod live.

if you have some question my email is

Re: XT Live - LIVE!?
by bernardo-gui on 2010-07-27 18:12:29

I've been using line 6 gear since 2000.

I started off with a POD & a Floorboard.

I ran this direct to the sounded awesome.


Then I started using a Flextone 2 XL.

I had great tone that was very versatile.

I was playing in a cover band, I needed versatility.


I then switched to a Flextone 3 XL.

This amp was pretty good.

It was great in the Top-40 band I was with



Then I bought a POD XT Live.

I also bought a Roland JC-120.

I run the POD XT Live into the returns of the JC-120.

The sound & tones are amazing.....I'M BLOWN AWAY !

I'm a "sub"/ "hired gun" guitarist in the Washington DC area.

I have a reputation for being versatile, and I'm know for playing all types of music.

I work with ALOT of different groups, playing different types, styles & kinds music.

Rock, Soul, R&B,Neo-Soul, Go-Go, Jazz, Top-40, Funk, Smooth Jazz..

Digital modeling allows me  to cover ALOT of ground.

I do R&B, Neo-Soul, Go-Go & Smooth Jazz gigs with no problem.

I do Classic Rock gigs and get compliments ALL THE TIME about my "Rock" tone.

People can't believe  my guitar rig...THEY FLIP OUT.

Having a PRS Hollowbody helps.......IT HELPS ALOT !!!

Alot of people can't believe the sound of the Roland JC -120.

I keep telling them it's the amp AND the POD XT LIVE.

If your using a POD XT it into the returns of your amp.

When you do this, it becomes a preamp that is simply amazing.


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