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M13 Output Question
by rkellerhals on 2011-03-16 10:30:33

Has anyone else noticed that some effects like the Otco Reverb don’t sound as rich and full through the left (mono) output? When I run the M13’s output in stereo, there’s much more presence in the brightness of the reverbs and even some delays. Has anyone else noticed this? 

I’m thinking about getting a little Nady mixer which has four mono inputs and one mono output. I’m thinking that might be able to mix down the stereo sound into one channel.

Re: RE: M13 Output Question
by Kneehow on 2011-03-25 14:10:16

That isn't happening to my M13 (or M9). I think the next thing you might want to try doing is a re-flash of the M13's firmware.

The quality of (Left) and (Right) Octoverb do have slight differences to my ears when both outputs are physically in use. I'd say that on the M13 in our office, the Left/Mono quality was a bit brighter, or at least more defined. The Right side signal seemed a bit more rounded/softer... but not drastically so by any means.

When listening to the stereo field with headphones on the mixer, it was a very rich spatial sound.

A re-flash of the firmware might be the best thing to try next.

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