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How do I control my DT50 with HD500 Edit?
by inthedrink on 2011-03-20 07:29:53

HD500 Edit loaded and running...HD500 connected to DT50 via L6 link...can I change the DT50 channels from the Edit program; can I fudge!

Raaaaa!!!  Any advice?  Thanks

Re: How do I connect My DT50 to the HD500?
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-03-20 07:48:10

You can change the DT50 channels, Class and Topology in HD500 Edit on the Amplifier tab when the HD500 is controlling the DT50 (as it should be by default if you have the two connected by an XLR Mic cable (L6 Link).  If control isn't working then you may need to check the HD 500's Global settings are still set the way they are intended to be.  My HD500 is elsewhere in the house right now, but if you need the settings let me know.  Alternatively you can reset your POD's Global Settings by holding down the left button on the 4 way switch as you power up.  Although this isn't a factory reset and you shouldn't lose your custom patches BACK UP your presets to computer first though!  You will need to re-calibrate your POD's expression pedal too.  You will need to rename your set lists if you have previously customised any - the first four will be named as per the factory default settings.


Re: How do I connect My DT50 to the HD500?
by Rowbi on 2011-03-20 07:52:09

you're missing the point.  all of the tones (and I mean ALL) from the DT50, can be programmed in the HD500 using edit.

there's some understanding you need first, and then you'll get the whole idea of why there's no need for you to be able to switch channels like that.....

here's the voicings on the DT50 as they correspond to the preamp models in the POD HD's

Voicing I: Fender Blackface

Voicing II: Park 75

Voicing III: AC 30TB

Voicing IV: Dual Recto (on the DT50 this uses NFL IV, on the POD HD, it defaults to III... remember I said the DT50 sounds were voicings... this is perhaps why they're called voicings.  so on the POD, select treadplate, and then change to NFL IV to sound like the DT50 voicing IV).

I posted some information in this htread: it all... it's worth a read.  please make sure you read the whole thread, as there's some info in some of the earlier posts that's wrong.

also make sure you're using output mode combo poweramp or stack poweramp (for the DT50 head or combos) and then it'll sound the same as your DT50 standalone... i.e., there's totally no need to change the DT50 channels when you're using the POD... as each preset location in the POD (there's 512 in the HD500) are like a DT50 channel all of there own, or rather a remembered setting of 16 channels.... as there's 16 preamp models in the POD, so they're kind of your different amp sounds, like channels.



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P.S. Just to clarify something: NFL3 (NFL III) in the pod I believe is the closest feedback setting for a real Recto, NFL4 is very close in the dt50 though. What I talk about above is simply to show how to make the pOd sound like the DT

Re: How do I connect My DT50 to the HD500?
by Rowbi on 2011-03-20 07:52:44

damn it... Nick beat me to it.... AGAIN! lol

Re: How do I connect My DT50 to the HD500?
by inthedrink on 2011-03-20 07:54:15

I can see the DT50 amp front on Edit but I can't alter any of the settings.  I tried the reset thing but to no avail.  Thanks

Re: How do I connect My DT50 to the HD500?
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-03-20 09:56:50

When you say you can't change any of the settings, do you mean that you can't flick the various switches and make them stay in their new positions in the editor, or do you mean that you are able to do this and the DT50 doesn't respond?

You can actually change the settings manually on the front panel of the DT50 itself and these changes should be reflected in the HD500 Edit program - if that doesn't work then the DT50 and HD500 aren't communicating properly and you probably need to set the HD500's communication settings up for the DT50.  Other than that it could be as simple as changing the cable you're using for L6 Link.

I'll find the post with the settings in it that I posted a week or so ago.



Can't find it here - must be in the POD HD Forum - easier to write the settings out again LOL

Enter the System Setup pages on the HD500 (hold down the VIEW button)

Go to page 8/9

Make sure the settings are as follows

1     AMP 1:  LEFT/RIGHT

2     AMP 2:  LEFT/RIGHT

3     AMP 3:  LEFT

4     AMP 4:  RIGHT

Go to page 9/9

Make sure the settings are as follows

1      AMP 1: AMP A (CH 1)

2      AMP 2: AMP B (CH 2)

3      AMP 3: MIDI CH 3

4      AMP 4: MIDI CH 3

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Re: How do I connect My DT50 to the HD500?
by Rowbi on 2011-03-21 02:29:58

NIck's right.

also, can you confirm you're running v1.20 of firmware on the POD HD and also on the DT50 (you need to hook it up to your PC using MIDI, then use Monkey).

as the switching between DT50 and POD HD will only work correctly when using the same firmware on both.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.