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Routing M13/tube amp/effects chain correct?
by Giax1974 on 2011-04-05 10:58:45

Hi guys, I just want to verify that my M13, tube amp and effect chain setup are correctly:

Guitar>compressor(philosopher king) > octave(pog2) > distortion (GT500) > M13 INPUT (FX1 and FX2) > M13 Send > AMP IN > AMP FX SEND > DELAY (DMM) > M13 RETURN (FX3 and FX4) > M13 OUT > AMP RETURN.

Attached is a figure diagram.

My questions are:

1- Does my setup is correct? my effect

2-What would be the benefit of adding a volume pedal? Now I control volume with then guitar knob.

3- Is there a simple method to use all this effects? Or this is just right?

4- I had a doubt placing my distortion pedal, as I also use the amp distortion channels, this amp has a clean, a vintage and a high gain setups that I footswitch between them, for some reason I doubted it has to be placed right after the M13 fx2, in case I put a filter synth type effects on fx1 or fx2.
Also I doubted if it can be right after the  amp pre distortion, as I use this pedal to add more gain and boost my amp.

5- I am using  my amp reverb, where is placed at this point the reverb?

Thanks for your help as usual!

Re: RE: Routing M13/tube amp/effects chain correct?
by Kneehow on 2011-04-11 11:03:29

1. Your setup looks fine, in terms of routing "logic".

2. Volume swells might be easier for you to obtain than with the volume knob on your instrument (but I've played with guys who can do that very well). Also, you have the option of inserting a volume pedal in different places of your chain, whereas the guitar's volume knob is always "pre" everything.

3. Based on your setup, you'll be doing a lot of "tap dancing". But there's really no way around this if you're trying to use all those pedals.

4. You should always consider putting any gain-related pedal BEFORE the tube amp's input. Where in terms of inbetween the other pedals is entirely up to you (and your ears).

5. I think the reverb of most amplifiers exist at the very end of the amp's architecture, after the Effects Return jack, but before the power amp tubes. You'll need to double-check with the amp manufacturer on that to be sure.

Re: RE: Routing M13/tube amp/effects chain correct?
by Giax1974 on 2011-04-12 12:19:42

Thanks, I will do that, general volume with my guitar know, and any other volume in my chain if needed, I tryied yesterday and got amazing results adding to a dynamic delay controlled by my expression pedal to infinity (sounded like scratched CD effect when I pressed the exp pedal) but right before it, I added a volume FX just to control the infinity with the same expresion pedal, and the results were amazing, clean repeats like scratch cd. AWESOME. BEfore without it, the delays set to infinity continue saturating my signal, because of the feedback, this volume pedal helped catching the last sound of my guitar, and repeat it...... repeat it......repeat it......repeat it......repeat it...... and CLEANNNN. It is like getting a Electro Harmonix FREEZE pedal! I thought getting one but with this discovering, I don't need it anymore!

Thanks for your help, I will use the volume pedal expression to control delays better, and the knob just to control general volume!
Thanks again, for opening my minddddd!
Line 6 rocks!

RE: Routing M13/tube amp/effects chain correct?
by Kneehow on 2011-04-12 14:26:20

No problem! Happy sonic-sculpting...

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