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Splitting the signal from looper......
by Steve-Dean on 2011-04-07 07:47:42


As part of my rig re-build I'm thinking of purchasing a JM-4 looper, I would like to set this up to run in my Vetta FX loop and split the signal so ONLY the loops go to a separate amp and ONLY the unlooped sound comes through vetta. Is this possible and if so how would I connect said JM-4? For example could I send STEREO OUT from JM-4 and have L-out [unlooped] = back into Vetta and R-out [looped] into my Fender Twin? As always any help with this will be greatly appreciated.



Re: Splitting the signal from looper......
by klgraves on 2011-04-07 10:33:28

I'm a novice, so this might be just plain stupid, but.....

One thing you could try is splitting the signal from your guitar, having one part go to the looper and another directly to your Vetta and the other into the looper.  Then configure the looper playback settings to have the guitar input volume set to 0, so only the drums/song and mic (if used) will exit the looper (and onto your other amp).

In this configuration, you guitar sound to your Vetta won't be processed by the looper (no amp modeling, no effects, etc).

If you want the looper to record your guitar, then I'm not sure this will work, since the playback volume is set to 0, but I think it will work for live playing  and you should get your unprocessed guitar sound from your Vetta and your looper tracks from your fender. Of course, you need to find a good way to split the signal from your guitar.

I haven't tried this, so there's always the chance it won't work

The manual implies the followig will work, too (which seems like a much better

Output Routing for Stereo Line Out Jacks
You can choose what signals are sent to the Stereo Line Out jacks on the back of the unit:
• Press the Tone / Settings button three times to show the additional functions.
• Turn the Select knob to highlight Output Routing.
• Press Right on the 4-way button.
• To have everything come out of both JM4 Looper’s Amp Output and the Stereo Line Out, turn the Select
knob to select Normal.

To have the Guitar come out of JM4 Looper’s Amp Output and everything else come out of the Stereo Line
Out, turn the Select knob to select Performance.

If this works, then your guitar signal will get processed by the JM4 (amp modeling, effects) so if you want a pure sound, you will want to have the modelng/effects set as clean as possible.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.