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New M series Pedal? M5 or Wait???
by minifordy13 on 2011-04-22 07:19:11

Howdy L6 Users

So I was looking at my L6 coated pedal board and I had a thought:

If the M13 is 4/3, the M9 is 3/2 and the M5 is 1/1.....would anyone else be interested in a new pedal that is 2/4???

My board currently consists of a Whammy Pedal, JD Wah/Volume, a DM4 and an MM4 running into my amp, then an M9 in the FX loop (with flange, delays and reverbs and of course the Looper).

I'm debating getting an M5 as I want to add an autowah to the preamp FXs, plus potentially some other filter effects but then I was thinking I only ever really use 3 of the 4 FX slots on my DM4 and life would be so much easier if it copied the M series and I just stuck the autowah on the end. No extra pedals, no extra space. Then of course I thought in true Line 6 format that it would probably be about the same size as the M9 in which case why not stick another row of four over the top to replace my MM4 and again give more scope.

Then, 2 pedals, one pre one post, all nice and dandy. Anyone else think this would be a good idea???

Also be nice for those odd songs where you want one extra distortion or one extra modulation (I have one song that uses a ring shifter and at the moment have to bend over, although if I got an M5 I'd stick my tremolo on that as it would sync to MIDI clock then). Also useful if you play bass as well (which I do) and only want one pedal board but with slightly different effects (again which I do....)......

Re: RE: New M series Pedal? M5 or Wait???
by Kneehow on 2011-04-22 10:53:04

I'm not sure how to answer your question "technically" speaking. I guess it's more of a presales opinion inquiry.

The M5 was definitely intended to be a "utility" effect unit. You've mentioned several scenario/conditions that already fit that. It's small, you can access 1 effect but of all the different category of effect models, there's a Tuner, there's MIDI jacks.

I think it'd work great as an addition to your current rig. Not sure that I can say much else beyond this, though. (I think you've answered your own question by going through the different scenarios in your writing)...

Re: New M series Pedal? M5 or Wait???
by derelict on 2012-04-12 10:00:11

OR you could get a M13 and use the effects send and return

Re: New M series Pedal? M5 or Wait???
by Adrian880514 on 2012-04-16 02:37:08

Hi All,

Some of us are at the other end, I'm waiting for the M26 to come out 6x4 or there abouts - then I won't need anything else! Also the looper could either use dedicated buttons, or use just one row - allowing all the other buttons to retain their original function.  I find it a bit of a pain having to turn an effect on, go into the looper and turn it off again , in order to be able to use it later on, especially in the middle of a song.

p.s. if you chaps at line6 are considering a larger unit can I suggest that 'M25' would be a bad name in Britain, it is the name of the motorway (Interstate) around our capital city and is more commonly known as London's Orbital Car Park !

p.p.s. If such a box needs beta testing I'd be more than happy to help !

Re: New M series Pedal? M5 or Wait???
by phil_m on 2012-04-16 06:08:31

You could always get two M13s or pair and M13 with a POD HD500, and you could pretty much accomplish everything you're looking to do.

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