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How well will an M5 link to a PODXTLive via midi?
by spydr on 2011-05-09 19:31:03

I play live worship services that cover a lot of different styles and my PODXTlive works great for so many different tones.  I just acquired a tube amp.  I'm feeding it from the output of my XTLive.  I'm using the XTLive for everything that would normally come before the amp in the chain.  I'd like to use an M5 for delay and reverb after the mic pre before sending the final signal to the mixer.

How well will the M5 work as a slave to the XTLive via MIDI?  If I use the first 24 patches on the XTLive, the M5 should change programs as I change patches, right?  (Assuming I have programs saved in the M5)  Tap tempo for each program would be updated as well?  What if I want the taps to be independent on each device?  Any caveats to this MIDI setup?  Thanks! --spydr

XTL-M5 midi setup.gif

Re: How well will an M5 link to a PODXTLive via midi?
by Rowbi on 2011-05-10 04:33:13

MIDI in the XTL wasn't a full implementation of everything that MIDI can do.  it will send PC messages, and tap tempo messages:

Ialso believe the M5 responds to tap tempo midi clock messages, and I think you could set the FX in the M5 to either respond to tap tempo or to ignore them, and set the tempo within the preset (which remains unaffected by tap if you disable tap in the global settings).



Re: How well will an M5 link to a PODXTLive via midi?
by Steeeeve on 2012-09-21 16:10:36

I'm trying to do something similar, but just with the XTL and the M5.  What settings in both units do I need to change/update to make this work properly?


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