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Can not download device drivers for KB37
by johnx38x on 2011-05-17 11:59:04

I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my PC and want to re-install all Line6 software. When I try to download the drivers for my KB37 I get the message that I'm not connected to the internet, or that its not allowed. I cancelled the pop-up blocker, firewall and virus scanner. It also says that my KB37 is not registered, but when I look on your website to my gear, the KB37 is in the list !

Please let me knwo what to do, because my internet connection is perfect and I still can't download from your website !!



Re: Can not download device drivers for KB37
by mungbung on 2011-05-17 12:32:25

The answer is very simple actually.  They released Pod Farm 2.5 today and their site is totally slammed right now.  The fact that we can even get on the forums is a miracle.  So the internet connection that has the problem is Line 6's not your.  Keep trying and you will get through at some point.  It will probably get worse when people start getting out of work.

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