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V70L battery life short
by AndyW69 on 2011-05-31 02:26:50

Hi. I have 3 x V70 lav systems 2 bought b4 xmas for a panto/trial, they performed well but battery life was shorter than published (approx 4hrs). I have added in a couple of the V30L's and they are better on battery life. I also picked up another V70 recently and the battery life is so much better - all are on hi power, after a show rehersal yesterday one of the older v70's had 1 hr left, one had run out after 3 hrs and got really hot, the newest one still said 4 hours. I have seen threads about battery issues and wonder if mine are from that 'batch'. What is the method of getting these sorted out, I suspect the dealer won't have a lot of experience, can I get them replaced directly from Line 6?


Re: V70L battery life short
by DanCornett on 2011-05-31 09:41:37

This sounds like you need to open a 'ticket' with Line 6 about this issue.

We have 14 transmitters (& 12 receivers ) .. 6 belt-packs (TBP12) and 8 handhelds (V70), and the battery life (with Tenergy 2800mah rechargeables) is between 6.5-9 hours ... roughly the same as alkalines.

Sidebar: of course, we don't run all 14 at once!  6 handhelds and 4 beltpacks are fairly 'dedicated'; the other two channels are 'shared' based on which transmitter type is needed/desired by the performer.

Re: V70L battery life short
by dboomer on 2011-05-31 09:58:58

Hi Andy

That sounds like a "hardware" issue.  Please contact our service department ... 818.575.3751so we can correct it.

Re: V70L battery life short
by AndyW69 on 2011-06-01 01:30:44

Hi, thanks guys, I am using the mics this week, I'm also in the UK which might mean a different approach. Last night the mics showed longer life, I changed the batteries at the interval on the worst offender and 1.5 hours later it still showed 6.40, I wonder if they drain quickly at around 3-4hrs, the newest mic showed 6.40 after 3 hrs use the other  4.40. I'll try lo power tonight and see what difference it makes. I will try to run a more scientific test after the show ends next week.


ps I must add how great the sound is, and zero reception issues until the battery is about to fail. I have had great sound from a set of JTS mics!

RE: V70L battery life short
by Kneehow on 2011-06-01 09:20:18

In the UK, please contact our UK office/team:

The POD/Line 6

Clifton House

Butlers Leap

Rugby, Warwickshire

CV21 3RQ

+44 1788 566 566

Re: V70L battery life short
by dboomer on 2011-06-01 09:53:15

Hey Andy

Could you please list your experiences with the JTS mics on our discussion page.

Itcould help other users


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