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line 6 m13
by oldthort on 2011-06-08 16:34:31


im just wondering ,how to have my delay and modulation effects going through my pa,im running the 4cm with my mesa boogie which i mic mith a shure 57 ,i want to create a big stereo delay sound through the pa,what would be the best way to connect the line 6 to the f.o.h while using the 4 cable method...also how do i assign in the scene mode what effect i want to go through my effects loop in the amp and what i want going through the input of the amp...i hope some1 can help me out on this one?cheers!

RE: line 6 m13
by Line6Don on 2011-06-10 16:34:19

Hey oldthort,

Here is the best way I was able to decipher to connect this:

-Connect Guitar straight into input on amp.

-Connect Effects send from amp into the L Mono input on the M13.

-Connect the M13 effects send L to the Effects return on your amp(keeping in mind that you will to configure your FX Loop position to PRE ALL so that is sends the unprocessed sound back to your amp)

-Connect the M13 L Mono Output into the FOH.

This way the effects should only be heard through the FOH, and will be using the preamp tone from the Mesa, all the while the Mesa should be unprocessed sound.

AS I mentioned above you will need to change the FX loops position within the signal flow to do this. To change the FX loop position, go into settings and look at the FX 3 LED to control the position of the FX loop.

Re: RE: line 6 m13
by oldthort on 2011-06-13 12:13:01

fair play to ye don,your on the ball i wired up my set up as u told me to ,the only thing i found wrong was the distortion from my amp and the clean is coming through the f.o.h from output of  the line 6 m13?now the clean sounds great ,but the delays and the effects are cuming out distorted through the f.o.h when in distortion mode

like the distorion sounds brutal cuming through the f.o.h... is there any way that i can just have the effects cuming through the f.o.h...


Re: RE: line 6 m13
by Kneehow on 2011-06-14 14:39:18

Q: "like the distorion sounds brutal cuming through the f.o.h... is there any way that i can just have the effects cuming through the f.o.h..."

A: Why not take the M13 and run it as a (FOH mixing console) Effects Bus loop device?

In other words, you want "brutal" (I'm interpreting this to be pure/dry/no effects MESA distortion. So, guitar into MESA amp. Mic the MESA amp and send that to the FOH mixer.

Your sound engineer will patch the M13 in the FOH mixing console's Bus effect loop. This way, the mic'ed MESA channel will always remain "dry" whether you're running the amp clean or dirty.

But it'll be up to the FOH engineer to create a return bus track to blend in the "wet" (M13) signal. But the M13 is actually running in the mixing console and NOT the MESA's effect loop. This keeps the MESA's own audio path effects-free.

Re: RE: line 6 m13
by oldthort on 2011-06-21 17:46:00

im currently running my setup this way,guitar into input of m13 into... m13 fx return into aux send f.o.h... m13 fx send into mesa boogie amp...output left and right of line 6 m13 into aux return left and right f.o.h ,sounds great i have effects 1 and 2 into the front of my amp,and 3 and 4 going out to the f.o.h for delay problem though the mic in front of my amp is now picking up background noise and make's it stereo as in its picking up drums and vocals when i play live,is there another way of other way setting up wat i have with out the mic bleed...

Re: RE: line 6 m13
by oldthort on 2011-06-21 17:50:02

thank you by the way for helping me guys i appreciate it

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