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? re: Line6 v70 / Crown / tech / parts...
by eFySOUND on 2011-06-30 12:43:43

  hey all,

      will the v70 bodypack work with the Crown Differoid mic? I need to use this headset and absolutely LOVE the v70 handhelds I have so far. Would I be able to order the standard Shure (mini XLR) wired version and just start using it? I am a little concerned about the current draw

Operating voltage:

CM-311A, 9V DC internal alkaline

battery or 18-48V phantom power. CM-311AE,

3–9V DC from the transmitter’s battery.

please advise if you have any experience..

      if I were to use a Gator case ("font-size: 12pt;">) for 2 v70 systems, would I need to link one receiver antenna output into the rubber ducky antenna of the other in the same case; since space is <5" or a wavelength distance?  
                                   secondly, by putting one of the new Line6 single space/ unit receiver case ("font-size: 12pt;">) on top of 2sp Gator (as above)  would I need to link again; say bottom to middle to top?

      can a v70 handheld molded pouch be purchased (separately) for a missing one/ if not, when is it coming as "open stock"?

MANY thanks in advance of your replies! 

allow me to publically vote for an IEM system (2.4GHz worldwide capable)- even if it is 6 "always available" channels.

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Re: ? re: Line6 v70 / Crown / tech / parts...
by dboomer on 2011-07-01 11:59:48

I have not personally tried the Crown mic, but I expect it to work (AE version).  That said it has a very low output almost 30 dB below our supplied mics so it may not give you much output.  You'll just have to see how it works with how loud your singer is.

If you want to use the dual Gator case I would recommend linking the antennas through the built-in antenna distro system.  I'd also link a third unit as well.

The mic case is available as a seperate item now - HTXc Handheld Mic case 98-033-0019

Re: ? re: Line6 v70 / Crown / tech / parts...
by eFySOUND on 2011-07-01 13:37:02
Don Boomer,
    yeah the system output is important (to get over preamp/ floor noise) if we go with the Crown/ Line6 combo. Wanted to run the power requirements (3-9v provided by transmitter) by you ~as I am unsure what the v70 puts out~ obviously it only starts with 3v- how quickly would it diminish over time? We need the differoid design for a tour; the omni Line6 would not work, unfortunately... .
cannot find a better/ different case than the dual Gator for purposes of storage/ pack + handheld/ battery/ etc... The third v70 system would be extra/ on standby in 90% of cases, but will be traveling with the Line6- branded (Gator) case for single system usage.
    is the sold separately v70 bodypack case available, also? if so, part# ___________
Again, let me vote for a 6channel 2.4GHz IEM system that would be licence-free worldwide...
MANY thanks!

Re: ? re: Line6 v70 / Crown / tech / parts...
by dboomer on 2011-07-01 14:15:20

The beltpack case is not available seperately.

I cannot answer how long the beltpack will pwer your mic, but I don't expect it to make much difference over the one we provide.

Re: ? re: Line6 v70 / Crown / tech / parts...
by eFySOUND on 2011-07-01 14:20:33

the v70 (sold separately) beltpack ships with a padded case though, correct?

Again, THANKS!

RE: ? re: Line6 v70 / Crown / tech / parts...
by Line6Don on 2011-07-01 15:53:49


It does not ship with a padded case, I just confirmed with our parts department.

RE: ? re: Line6 v70 parts...
by eFySOUND on 2011-07-01 16:19:08


       thanks for your replies! Wish bodypack shipped in padded case as in pic

Re: RE: ? re: Line6 v70 parts...
by dboomer on 2011-07-01 16:37:13

Wait a minute!  Both the THH12 and the TBP12 transmitters ship with the hard zipper cases (as in your photo).  I just double-checked the bill of materials

Re: ? re: Line6 v70 parts...
by eFySOUND on 2011-07-01 16:44:04

Since this is an item for touring consideration, I am hoping to protect the investment as well as possible. Just needing to know before I start ordering, etc...

Re: ? re: Line6 v70 / Crown / tech / parts...
by muzicmaken on 2011-07-03 19:48:48

I play big fairs and festivals and big stages opening for major country acts so I put the Line 6 XD-V70 to work, and as far as I'm concerned

Line 6 is above par in all their equipment. (I use 4 Relay 30 guitar systems as well)..Now if they would come out with a

personal ear monitor system so I can ditch my Shure PSM and use all Line 6  gear.

I actually have been using the Crown CM-311AE.  It is the best mic I have found to work with the XD-V70..

I tried the Countryman, Samson and a few others recommended by the Line 6 faq.... Not one of those mics

had the natural fullness and noise cancellation that the Crown has...

I also tried the Shure headset that ships with all their HS wirelesses and it was actually the worse.

The headroom was also where it shined. The others would squel like crazy when the volume was pumped up and if I was out in the crowd

even the countryman was not impressive...The Crown is the way to go.... If you are doing exercise classes or Zumba or lecures then the

other mics will do just fine...In the live shows CROWN is the best choice.....Don't believe me check out Garth Brooks, Rascal Flatts,

Justin Bieber just to name a few that uses the crown...

When I was talking to Jay Demarcus he said that he and Joe Don uses the Crown  a little bulkier than others but

really liked them.

Here's a soundcheck on a main stage the audio isn't great someone changes the setting on my Zoom recorder..

Re: ? re: Line6 v70 / Crown / tech / parts...
by eFySOUND on 2011-07-07 17:00:08

nice video. don't mean to sound dense, but, do you have the inline (EQ) module ~or~ just the T4F connector from headworn to bodypack?

RE: ? re: Line6 v70 / Crown / tech / parts...
by Line6Tony on 2011-07-08 10:20:35

We'll let muzicmaken answer you. If you still need technical help from Line 6, please mark your post as a question.

Re: ? re: Line6 v70 / Crown / tech / parts...
by muzicmaken on 2011-07-09 16:43:29

just the T4F connector  plg'd into the XD-V70 bodypack...that's it

Re: Line6 v70 / Crown
by eFySOUND on 2011-07-09 17:59:11

so I wonder if I need the inline module---  if I buy that model and do not like it, is good to know that it will work without it in place/ THANKS for your continued communication and sharing your experience(s). I greatly appreciate all your (collective) time!

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