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vx30 and vx70 in a same frequencies plan?
by pat_marg on 2011-07-01 01:02:54

Good morning from Paris

Getting a good bargain on Vx30, we would complete for guest and choirs the VX 70 system of our lead vocal with 3 cheaper vx30 systems.

Is it possible to mix on stage at the same time  vx30 and  vx70 technologie? Is there interferencies trouble to manage choosing the chanel of each mike?




La boutique en ligne Woodbrass brade les vx30 et nous offre l'opportunité de compléter un système VX70

Est il possible de mixer les deux technologies Vx30 et Vx70 sans poser de problème d'interférence? Faut il prendre des précautions dans le choix des canaux?


RE: vx30 and vx70 in a same frequencies plan?
by Line6david on 2011-07-01 15:23:28


The V30 Systems see the first 6 channels available in our wireless technology.

The V70 will use all twelve.

As long as no 2 transmitters are set to the same channel they will operate together without issue.



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